Worst case finish

After this game and at 4-7… what do you view as the worst case scenario to finish this year (non injury related).

I mean when i look at this year and the visible progress since we started 1-6 i am left wondering if there is really a bad finish, for the future of the franchise, to this season.

Lose out okay not ideal but means we may very well have two top 5 picks, two seconds and some free agent cash to grow the team.

Win between 1-3 okay so you won 5 to 7 games clear growth over last year, still going to have two top half of the first picks and two seconds plus some cash.

4 wins… winning 8 games would be incredible from a year over year growth with everything they have dealt with from an injury perpsective. This is actually probably my least preferred as it is more moral victory and tangibly doesnt benefit the lions organization going into next year unless we are believing it changes some free agent perceptions of detroit above and beyond the last few weeks has.

5-6 here is where it gets interesting as you would likely be fringe playoff at 9-10 wins. Get in and just wow, you have shown the ability to play with anyone this year and if you just get in you never know the outcome (before someone says something i know this is unlikely and they wouldnt likely be one of those Cinderella stories)

Anyways, without injuries as a consideration do you have a worst case scenario to finish out this season or are you just kind of enjoying the ride as i have been these last few weeks with an eye towards the offseason where i think this team has the opportunity to really cement the turnaround.

Just enjoying it. This team is clearly better than last year but they are still going to take their lumps. They are young and they are hurt. I’m ready to watch the next six games with the mindset that they can win them all.

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The 2021 Eagles who I comp our team to a lot this year were also 4-7 at one point. They looked at a pretty bad schedule fhe rest of the way, went 9-8, and made the playoffs.

They say history repeats itself.

We need help; Giants did that already by losing….

Next the vikes, and go see my other post

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Word! Completely agree, bro