Worst to first

So much for that. I was all in on Patricia… I am now officially all out. Time to clean house, the whole house… leave nothing standing


from ownership on down. NFL should take away this franchise from the FORDS

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The problem with this is the NFL made recommendations to the Fords and they hired them. The NFL is just as much to blame as anyone. They could give 2 shits if the Lions field a winner. We are just fodder for the big market teams

I kind of fear the Lions were the only ones not in on the joke.

Devils Night, 1984 style

What’s insane to me is how bad we are setup for the future. The lack of high end talent on this team is very apparent. What schemes are we setup for offensively and defensively? What kind of contracts are we anchored to? I mean it’s not all gloom, Swift looks good, Jonah Jackson and TJ Hockenson look to be fixtures. KG is a ? What else do we have as part of our young core? I just don’t see us being competitive anytime soon.

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Hopefully you are wrong and the talent is there, And here’s hoping Bradshaw is correct and Patricia, smartest man in the room, can’t coach a lick