Would Green Bay swap Rodgers and Goff for beans?

Maybe the Rams pick. I honestly think he just hates it there.

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I hate Rodgers but he would bring us a Super Bowl so yes please

I don’t think it’s just there, I think it’s where he’s at mentally. It’s in his own headspace where he’s off-kilter and we just see the result of that on Sundays.


Yes. This. Goff has had 5 pretty damn good games and 3 WTF ones, but he’s still all in on this team. I don’t want Rodgers and his attitude anywhere near this team or this locker room or the sideline.

Last thing I want is him yelling at ASB on the field, or yelling at Johnson because he doesn’t like a call, or taking his shitty attitude into the locker room after a loss.

The Lions might suck and have a lot of work to do, but they all love and support each other while sucking and having a lot of work to do.

Can’t believe they would ever trade him to Detroit.

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