Would Joe Milton be worth a late round pick?

The kid has all the tools you look for in a QB: big, tall, athletic, has a cannon of an arm, etc…he just doesn’t have the accuracy or touch.
Is he worth a late round pick and see if Brunell can develop him?

Didn’t Milton return to Tennessee?

If you are going late round QB to develop i would hope they go a different direction than Milton.

He did return…. and the orange kool-aid seems to be strong this offseason…


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If he’s still lurking somewhere, I’m sure @TheWallyV could show us just how much the orange kool-aid is flowing in Knoxville.

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Didn’t Milton return to Tennessee?
bro, he passex on in 74…SIXTEEN 74

He had a heck of a bowl game. It was the first i had watched of him since he left Michigan. He looked like a totally different player than i remembered. Im rooting for him next year.

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You leave Milton the hell alone. He’s bringing Tennessee to the promise land this year… Hendon on the other hand would be a gr8 addition

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Music City Bowl?

My brother in Christ we went to orange the bowl

Ok, sounds like you are grounded and I realize that you know your limitations, ie, promise land does not equal the SEC championship.

Listen here bmw520 you don’t know ball the way you think you know ball.

Come to Athens, we will discuss football.

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Bucko you’ve never won anything in your life. Me on the other hand have won a middle school baseball county championship. I’ll give you a chance to back out of this altercation quietly

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I still want Jaren Hall

Seems like a fun kid and yes he is older (same age as hooker) but he just has a lot of things I like

He’s coming back to Tennessee, probably to start for the year. So after that we’ll have a better read on it. He could play himself right out of the late rounds.

County? What happened at state?

Conversely if he lights it up statistically people will start dreaming onnthat arm talent.

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Hey Jackwagon it’s middle school. Are you dumb or not know sports??? Can’t be both

Impressively refined sense of humor you have there. I tried to put it out there on a platter for you but I guess you can take a horse to water …