Would Quinn go after Swift 1st round?

thought I’d light a fire under this.

My wild hair prediction was trading up to SF #31 to grab him. Stealing him from the Chiefs at #32.

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CEH is fine for me in the 2nd and won’t require a trade up.


because our group sucks. 7.6 YPC KJ isn’t a lead back, but imagine having Swift, KJ, and BO?

starting 2020? and Swift ran over two thousand yards and 17 scores, whereas WE haven’t had anything close to a thousand yard rusher…why, not?

But why trade up for one when there’s likely to be a couple of options at 35 and a couple at 67?

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Just feel he is the best fit here, but won’t fall to us. He’s the most explosive and receiving option at the position.

Would be the best lead RB ever !

Quinn is in the perfect location if fans want his head on a platter for a bad pick

If there in 2nd yes.

so could TE, yet Quinn went there last time.

I want a heavy D draft…Young is my favorite , OA , BUT I also know we can use A RB like Swift that’s why I brought it up.

I like Dobbins.

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Yes Sir …Best RB for us in this Draft.

I like Dobbins, Taylor & Swift

BQ needs to redeem himself using a pick that had to be done after running Slay out of town. (not saying I agree or disagree with it) just had to use a pick to cover some bad blood. Move up to get swift if there late in the 1st round.

hey man I’m good with Jeff Okudah…, not a god awful pick at all.

Oh it was a good pick my friend. But it didn’t upgrade us a lot since last year so far. Look at Dalas for example. They pick CD Lamb, those WR are much better with CD in there. We didn’t upgrade that much over last year is all. That’s all I am saying.

I think your wrong, Trufant and Okaduh is much better then Slay and Melvin.


Shut the fuck up Bitter…