Would Stafford still be here if we didn't hire Patricia?

Just curious if you guys think that the arrogant shit-show that MP brought to this franchise drove Matt to ask for his trade?
Like, if we had hired someone not so abrasive instead of MP, would Matt maybe wanted to have stayed in Detroit until he couldn’t play anymore?

I think so. As long as the team didn’t go total rebuild I think he would be here still

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If we kept caldwell, yes. If we hired DC at that time, probably.

If we hired anyone else, maybe.

Would it have helped us be better now? Who knows.

I’m glad we shed the former patriots, they ruined everything beyond recognition

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If we had hired Dan and Co. instead of Fatboy and Batboy I believe Stafford would definitely still be here.


Doubtful. Think he was gone either way. If you fire Caldwell that means new OC and learning ANOTHER be offense. And firing Caldwell alone was enough of an indication that this organization wasn’t worth sticking around for. it was an absolute clown move.

The record doesn’t really matter in this current NFL especially with the new playoff structure. As long as you get into the playoffs you have a chance to make it to the chip.

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Firing Mayhew and and hiring Quinn at that time was, in hindsight, the wrong move. Mayhew would’ve drafted more appropriately for caldwell.

Or, had Quinn not been so dead set on hiring his buddy, maybe a new GM could’ve drafted better for Caldwell. That team was pretty good and didn’t need to be torn down.

Side note, raiders are 0-3. With what’s his face from the patriots. Season isn’t over but looking prettty overall bad for them too and the Belichick tree

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Stafford left after the shit show that was Quintricia. The assembly of mismatched talent and blown up cap. He knew it would require a rebuild. That’s why he asked to leave. He didn’t want to endure yet another one.

The Lions were on the cusp of legitimate yearly playoff contention when they fired Caldwell. Back to back 9-7 seasons. One of those seasons having the team at 9-4 when Stafford mangled his hand and they lost out.

Get the coach (and GM - Quinn’s love for Fattty made him the wrong guy) hire correct, and Stafford is still probably here. You don’t have the last 4 waisted years, tearing it down and then rebuilding.

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I think the key hire is Quinn, rather than Patricia, as Quinn was always going to bring Patricia in, who was always going to tear down the roster, destroy the culture and leave a massive, unappealing rebuild in his wake.

And unfortunately the Lions seemed to lock in on Quinn the same way Quinn locked in on Patricia. Thanks to Ernie Accorsi, only Quinn, Sheldon White and Kevin Abrams were interviewed in 2016.

Quinn fired Caldwell after back to back 9-7 seasons. He was hell bent on bringing in his guy. The mistake he made, from his perspective, was not firing Caldwell immediately and bringing in Patricia in 2016, which might have given him the opportunity to fire Patricia and make another hire of his own. Maybe Stafford has more stomach for the rebuild two years earlier, but probably not.

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Yep but there 1st 2 years 90 % of the board maveled over ever move , it was exactly like now poster couldn’t question there moves or if you did you were blind or stupid or not a true fan.


If I remembered correct most of this place was right there with him , everyone wanted to move on from Caldwell and most wanted that same Patricia with his Patriot way.


Yep - I think you hit the nail on the head. Most were all in.

For me, it lasted until the Quandre Diggs fiasco. I’ve never been so pissed at a single player move as that one. I would have been fine if we fired both Quinn and Patria the next day.



Players aren’t stupid. They know the cap situation better than we do. Stafford saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out.


I think there were two sides to how things went with Patricia. I think the general temperature of the Patricia hire was positive and people tried to buy in immediately. I know some fans went as far as to say we “won” the coaching search that year, and thank god we had Quinn to reel in the biggest fish of the offseason that year. Patricia “chose” the Lions over the Giants…FUCK YOU GIANTS! They also embraced the IDEA of “the Patriot Way.” The reality is obviously different, which every other fanbase has found out.

But the other side is where it falls apart, and I think its part of why people hate Patricia so much. The assistant coaching hires were “WTF” right out of the gate. The only positive response I recall was the offensive line coach (Davidson) and definitely Bevell. The player moves were largely met with confusion and often times resistence. And we were told by Patricia “don’t worry, it will all make sense soon. Just shut up and be a stupid fan, and let the real geniuses deliver you the wins you’ve been craving. Don’t even pay attention until Thanksgiving. We got this!”

Meanwhile, Lions fans reactions:
“We paid HOW MUCH for a nickel corner?” - Justin Coleman signing
“This MF’er better turn into Von Miller for that kind of money.” - Trey Flowers signing
“Umm, a little old. I guess he’s here to teach the other guys the Patriot Way?” - LaGarette Blount signing
“But…why?” - Trading Darius Slay
“I guess we are giving up on the season and loading up for next year?” - Trading Golden Tate
“Grab the fucking pitch forks!.” - Trading Quandre Diggs

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I’m curious to see what mayhew does in Washington. Although I have to remind myself who his boss is so probably not all decisions will be his.

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I wasn’t happy about the Patricia hire but where they suckered me into thinking maybe I was wrong was after they traded for snacks. The defense that year went from low 20’s to 10th in the league. Then they traded away all the players that made it that good.

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Yep, the Snacks trade received rave reviews.

Followed promptly by the Diggs, Quin and Slay nonsense. Zero rave reviews on that situation.

All it did was delay the inevitable