Would you offer?

Would you offer our 2nd to move up and get Chase . The Redskins have took Dline the last 3 years . Yes Or NO

Nope, we need way too many positions to put all of our eggs into one basket.


With you, brother - Not an ice cube’s chance in Hell.

No, too many other needs.

Would I trade Hockenson and Tavai for Nick Bosa? Yes

Would I trade Ragnow and Kerryon for Saquon Barkley? Yes

Would I trade Jarrad Davis and Teez Tabor for Myles Garrett? Yes

My point is, I think CY is better than all of those players, so yes, I’d trade trade 2 average (being generous) players for an elite player.


Thats how I kind of look at it . Quinn has not done much at all in the first 2 rds

It’s interesting, but as others have said, we aren’t just 1 elite pass rusher away from being a playoff contender. This is why I wanted Slay traded mid season last year. Would have gotten a much better return.

We just don’t have any veterans on the roster that hold any trade value (thanks BQ) and we don’t have enough high draft picks to allow us to afford to trade up.

Bet they would part with it for one of our thirds. Well that is my fervid hope.

Yes, I would. I think Chase Young will likely be more valuable and have a greater impact than anyone the Lions take at #3 + #35.