Would you rather…

Over at prideofdetroit.com, they have this segment which provides plenty of topics for discussion:

Would you rather Derrick Barnes or Levi Onwuzurike make the Year 2 jump?

  • Would you rather: Jameson Williams plays before November or D’Andre Swift plays at least 16 games?
  • Would you rather: Jared Goff plays well enough to feel comfortable having him starting in 2023 or T.J. Hockenson has a career season?
  • Would you rather: The Lions fall just short of the playoffs in 2022 or the Lions finish with the second overall pick?
  • Would you rather: The Lions secondary gets settled for the future or the Lions defensive front gets figured out?
  • Would you rather: Dan Campbell stays aggressive on fourth down or Aaron Glenn gets the defense to jump to average in 2022?
  • Would you rather: The offensive line fully lives up to the hype or Romeo Okwara returns to form?
  • Would you rather: Kerby Joseph earns a starting job by the end of 2022 or Malcolm Rodriguez earns a starting job by the end of the season?

Some of the easier ones (in order of preference):

  1. Lions fall just short of playoffs >> 2d overall pick
  2. Lions OL lives up to hype >> Romeo returns to form
  3. Goff plays well enough > Hockenson career season
  4. Jameson plays b4 Nov > Swift playing at least 16 games

As far as the others go, need more time to think about them.


My picks with a very short justification on each

Jameson Williams plays before November - He needs to get involved as soon as possible so the starting receiving unit gels

Jared Goff plays well enough to feel comfortable having him starting in 2023 - Given QB is the most important position, this tells us what we need to know

Lions fall just short of the playoffs in 2022 - The team needs progress in W’s to keep the DC momentum going

Lions secondary gets settled for the future - I could go either way on this one but sure would like to finally see the secondary get settled in

Aaron Glenn gets the defense to jump to average in 2022 - Again we need to keep momentum on building and this does it

offensive line fully lives up to the hype - This would mean no major injuries and a chance to get the unit to develop as one

Malcolm Rodriguez earns a starting job by the end of the season - This would mean we have a possible defensive anchor in the middle for the future

  • Onwuzurike
  • Swift
  • Goff
  • Playoffs
  • Defensive Front
  • Average Defense
  • Offensive Line
  • Kerby Joseph
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My off the cuff responses before I read the smarter people’s…

  • Derrick Barnes or Levi Onwuzurike make the Year 2 jump?
    -Derrick Barnes. Our LBs need the help more…

*Jameson plays before November or D’Andre Swift plays at least 16 games?
-Swift plays 16. I think Jameson is a long-term play; we need Swift right now to be our best. Jameson’s production this year is gravy in my book.

  • Jared Goff… starting in 2023 or T.J. Hockenson has a career season?
    -Goff. QB is most important position; makes everyone better. If the targets are spread out between everyone, it is AOK for me.

  • Lions fall just short of the playoffs / second overall pick?
    -Just short of the playoffs. I would much rather see big improvement than another tank year. I think it would be better for our long term success.

  • Secondary or defensive front gets figured out?
    -Probably defensive line, although I would be happy with either. I think D-line just makes everyone else better when they are excellent.

  • Dan Campbell aggressive or Aaron Glenn gets defense to average?
    -Defense to average. Aggression is fun, better defenses win games.

  • Offensive line or Romeo Okwara?
    -O-line. It would make the whole offense hum. We can generate some pash rush outside of Romeo.

  • Kerby Joseph or Malcolm Rodriguez?
    -Rodriguez. We need much better LB play, and I would be fine if our two current ‘starters’ at safety held their jobs (and stayed healthy).


Just win the SB and that will shut everyone up!


I personally, think a 1/4 of the forum would drop dead if the SB is won, me included…

Luckily, that way I avoid the awkwardness of facing the nation as champions.


Would you rather the Lions win the Super Bowl in 2023 or all the other 3 (Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers) win in 2023

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Lions - period


Levi, d-line makes whole defense better.

Swift, he adds an element to the running game.

Goff, feeling comfortable means he’s top 12 with our critics.

Fall just short, keep the momentum.

Campbell stay aggressive, because mediocre sucks.

Settle the secondary, because it’s a passing league.

O-Line, because the potential is #1 in the league.

Rodriguez, because Anzalone isn’t a long-term solution.

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Idk about y’all but I want will Anderson or whatever QB they think can supplant Goff. Even though the playoffs would be nice and it’s be hard to recover from back to back #2 pick seasons.

TBH, other 3. Thats a full year 24/7/365 of top level sports

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I think I’d rather see 3 championships next year. I’m used to the lions not winning so I can wait until 2024. :rofl::+1:

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There’s a mock draft that I saw that give us Anderson and McKee from Stanford. I’d be more than ok with that. Especially if we get Anderson at #3 with the rams pick.

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Onwuzurike over Barnes. Getting pressure and disruption along the defensive front is key for our defense, plus I want to see Levis “Fuck People Up”. I also think Barnes is going to be better no doubt, but like Deandre Levy, he breaks out in year three.

Swifty over Jamo. Having Swift for 16 games is huge for our balance of attack. Getting Jameson in November will be a real shot of juice for this team only a couple weeks after the Bye. I think our other WR’s, TE’s and RB’s can carry the load before the rookie get’s on board.

Goff over Hockenson. This is the season we need to know what we truly have with Jared. I’m fully on board with wanting him to succeed and stay. QB is the most important position and it would be fantastic to feel settled at that position…but they still need to draft another QB to push him or take over in case of injury. I am not excited about our backups. Hockenson will get his grabs and move the chains, hopefully he converts his red zone targets when those opportunities arrive. I do think there are more options in the Red Zone than we have seen in the past…especially if Swift is healthy at least16 games.

Fall Short of Playofffs over 2OA. This was the easiest one. Wins are way more important than draft selection. Shit…last year people were pissed that we lost the 1OA spot instead of winning. Still got Hutch @2OA…Thank You Jacksonville!

Dline or Secondary get settled first…this one was my toughest. I have to go Dline. Foundationally I am a believer that it all starts in the trenches. If our defensive front settles in it will make things easier for our LB’s and secondary. I do want to see our Secondary settle in, but it may take another draft to get that done.

Defense going from Bottom to average is a huge jump…definitely taking that over Dan being aggressive. He was so over the top aggressive last year on fourth down that I just don’t see a repeat. I like aggressiveness…but hopefully our O improves under Ben that it won’t be nearly as prevalent.

Offensive line over Okwara. OK this was the easiest. An entire units success over an individual is an easy call.

Malcom over Kerby. This was probably the one I liked least, because I have to pick one players success over another one on the same side of the ball. We need better safety play and I think Kirby is key from a playmaking perspective. However I do think he has heavier competition for the starting spot than Malcom. Malcom in the Middle is starting sooner than Kirby.


My heart might explode with a single playoff victory, haha

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Barnes as we have multiple other options at DT to excel.

I’m hoping Jameson starts the season.

Goff = hoping for probowl

Playoffs = wins show progress

Front 4 = we’ve used 4 of 8 picks we’ve had in rounds 1-3 the last 2 years on D-line.

Average defense = playoffs. We easily could have won another 5-6 games last year.

O-line playing top 5 = playoffs

Joseph = if Rodriguez is our starter we are in real trouble. I like the kid but I think he gets exposed at NFL level

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I’m really excited about Jameson. I’m curious how they handle him in camp. My understanding is that if he practices during camp, he can’t go on the PUP. I want him to get his development time in, but I also want him to heal fully so not to impact him long term.

Already seen them win it all, also UM b’ball & football, MSU b-ball, even the Panthers.

No. I have to be a Lion fan.


The Lions are the only Detriit team I haven’t seen win. I really dont want to say that anymore.

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Lions….Detroit and the state of Michigan has seen the other three win. Of course I was only 4 win the Tigers won it so I don’t even remember that much. But my Dad and brothers do!

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