Wow, what are the Panthers thinking?

They are clearly wanting to lockdown the LT spot for either Cam or a rookie QB, possibly signaling the willingness to move up in this year’s draft?

But this seems like a lopsided trade on its face, especially with Okung’s injury history. Okung is 32, Turner, 26.

Panthers fans (are you there Wes?) must be scratching their heads.


New coach wants to establish himself, his plan and probably some input from Cam along the lines of he needs it to consider staying after his deal is up?

Apparently, Okung was unhappy about Rivers not coming back.

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Yes, Okung does have a past as something of a malcontent, in addition to injury. All the more puzzling. Turner is a great get for LA.

Can you imagine if Okung gets hurt again this year? You’ve given up a perennial pro bowl guard for zip. Okung is not under contract for 2021, while Turner has another year on his deal.

You’d have to think the Panthers were at least smart enough to find out if Okung would be happy in Carolina, right? I’d be nervous as a Carolina fan.

They are loading up on players who are old and unhealthy to trade with the Lions for Slay and Stafford.


I am guessing they are getting short contracts for major rebuild. Wonder what they will get for McCaffrey?

Part of this is in jest, but it smells like a major pre-rebuild.

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It’s hard to believe that CAR couldn’t have done better than an aging, injury prone veteran.

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Hey, hold that trade. You can have Wagner for Turner! Mmmm mmm…?


Good stuff, man. I got a good laugh out of that one.

Ah, Okung got the Diggs treatment.