Wow - WR's having a great year

Our top 4 wides have caught 115 of 117 catchable balls. That includes some rockets from Stafford. Not too shabby.WR catch rate

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They have done a very good job this year catching the ball. I also think it helps when you have an OC that can scheme to get players open.

Maybe it quiets the Stafford can’t make anyone better narrative!

Keep in mind that Golladay and Jones are at the bottom of the league in separation. Also, the 115 of 117 catchable passes needs a bit of clarification. NextGen Stats show Golladay catching 56% of targets.

Really, if you look at the numbers, there’s good and bad for every one of our top 4 targets (Jones, Golladay, Amendola, Hockenson). 115 of 117 says they have good hands, which is certainly nice to hear. Amendola and Jones have good percentages on targets (70+) and Amendola has good separation. But, Jones and Golladay have low separation numbers.

I don’t see them being schemed open. I do see them prepared and executing and performing at a higher level under Bevell, but there’s room for improvement.


Good perspective as usual, Line. So Golladay;s 56% catch rate is all targets, not just those deemed ‘catchable’ correct? If so, I can see why there is such a large difference if Golladay gets little separation (which is plain to see even when casually watching a game). This is Matt needing to throw him open which won’t always work, or Matt being off target, either from an errant throw or the fact that Golladay is covered so closely.

Matt;s interception in the end-zone against the Raiders on a ball to KennyG was the first time I can recall Golladay ‘losing’ on a contested ball, at least this year, though there may be others, He is usually the winner on those contested catches. I guess the interception was deemed ‘non-catchable’, which could clearly be open for debate. Anyway, its nice to see so few out-and-out drops from open receivers. I think that has improved this year as well.

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Yeah, that covers it real well.

I can’t say whether the intercepted pass was catchable or not. I just don’t know where it falls in the stat sheet.

Wondering what the definition of “catchable ball” is. I can remember drops form Amendola, KG, and Hock (assuming he’s #4). Not at all trying to discredit the stat, just feel like we’ve dropped more than that.

Jones, Golliday, & Amendola have been more dependable than I can remember Lions WR in my lifetime. And Mathew…Yeahhh!!

I agree 100%.

Some folks just don’t realize just how good a season Stafford is having. He doesn’t have a run game and defenses know he is going to pass the football on most downs ------yet he is still completing passes into microscopic windows.

No other QB has to deal with these handicaps the way Matt has to. No doubt that Golladay and Jones have great hands but they would not be as successful if they didn’t have a QB with such tremendous accuracy and velocity on the ball. It’s really remarkable.

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should quiet the narrative that Matt Stafford isn’t an accurate QB as well.

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Just remember that to some Lions fans, there is no such thing as a drop. All incomplete passes fall of Stafford. If a guy drops a ball, that’s Staffords fault!