WR Draft Per Lions Wire

Millen just got a boner reading that headline.


Sixth round: Jalen Hurd, Baylor.

He is really intriguing. If he is there in the 6th, I would take him.

Looks to me like a deep draft in WRs, TEs, and RBs. Maybe not really good starters but guys that can play. The 3 spots I think they can’t wait for Day 3 are Edge, IOL, and CB. Obviously you don’t pass up a superior talent at another position, but at this point those are my draft priorities. And I also want an LB in there somewhere on Day 3.

Im thinking OG has to be the top priority at this point. With the resources that Quinn has invested in the OL the past three years, i have to believe that will continue early on in the draft. Im starting to think that maybe an OT might really be in play at #8. Play em at guard for a year then move him out to RT after Wagner leaves.

That would be ballsy considering the defensive talent at the top of this years draft.

Drafting is about long term. OL lasts a lot longer and takes more snaps per season (barring injury) than any DL. Suh was iron man but still 1000+ is more snaps than 850.

If OT is in play, it’s to upgrade Decker for cheaper (after this year).

If we can upgrade the OL, I’m not going to complain. (Note: do not take this as an endorsement of a 1st round TE. You can get great blocking TEs later in the draft and that’s the kind I like)

I think that is what Bevell will be looking for as well.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s nice when they can catch a pass as a relief valve, but I’m really getting tired of the extra large, slow WR type TE that everyone touts as such a huge mismatch.

Nice red zone target, but then so was Joe Fauria…

I also remind the world that Antonio Gates was a UDFA.