WR John Brown--cut by Bills; signed by Raiders--1 yr $3.75M

Was scheduled to make $8.15M–obvious cap casualty. With the glut of WRs, he could be another one-year signing similar to Tyrell Williams.

Brown was (and likely still is) fast.

Brown has been a fairly consistent deep threat. In 24 games over 2019-2020, Brown had 24 catches of 20+ yards and 4 catches of 40+ yards.

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He’s 30 and coming off an injury plagued season. Not a huge fan but at the right price, I’d be ok with the signing.

More intrigued by Jefferson if we decide to run with a 3-4 base. He’d be solid 2 year stop gap on the left side of the 3 man front.

“The near 31-year-old is a quality role player when healthy, but he spent last season dealing with a nagging ankle injury. He’ll likely settle for a No. 3 receiver job elsewhere as a low-volume deep threat.”

I think it would have to be for less money than they’re paying Tyrell W.

He will turn 28 this month Jefferson he would ft well on cheap deal an could be loner if he plays well.

There will be a lot of talent wanting work for this season.

It will be for way less if he even gets a roster spot. There are a lot already WR’s floating around an the big cut dump has yet to happen.

I wish Agnew could somehow get his speed back. Admittedly, he’s done better than I thought he would, but he’s not what he used to be (athletically). Like the guy, and he sure has matured as a player. Still would’ve to upgrade the KR/PR position…dramatically.

I don’t think Agnew will be back for one reason–the transition to WR did not go well.

Agnew had 13 catches for 89 yards–6.4 ypr–and 0 TDs. His long was 20 yards.

That means on his other catches, Agnew averaged a paltry 5.75 ypr.

With a career 6.6 ypr, at No. 422 all-time, that puts him one spot ahead of Stefan Logan at No. 421 (who wasn’t really a WR either).

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Time to move on from Agnew. He disappears for most of the year and then has a return for a touch down plus a few good returns to make his overall numbers look good. I’ve been more frustrated with him than times I’ve been happy with him.

It was still good use of a 5th round pick

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Agree 100%

On a side note… I always re-sign him on madden 21 because he has the superstar Dev trait :joy::joy:

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How the Eff do you have a last name brown and not name your kid Leroy? WTF is wrong with this dude’s parents?

My brother’s wife has 2 boys, last name Norris and didn’t name either of them Chuck!?!

The world is getting soft, my brothers…