WR Josh Reynolds to Broncos

Let me use the @Weaselpuppy translator…

Denver paid me more money. The end.


Reynolds played the X-WR on an NFL team. He wasn’t running 3 yard routes.
All of his catches should be 1st downs.
I’m not surprised he was 4th. That is not saying anything. He should actually be higher considering all the snaps he played. He should actually have more 1st downs than everyone considering he had a 15 yard per catch average. A TE or running back should not have more 1st downs.

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Reynolds took the best deal he could get.
As he should have.
Much appreciation for his contribution to the turnaround.
Best of luck to him.


Week 9 on (including the playoffs) Jamo’s drop rate was 5.5% which is fairly decent for that type of WR. Including the playoffs Josh’s drop
Rate was 9%.

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Yep. I think Risdon got out a little over his skis on this report.

When you have a high volume catch All Pro TE and a PB RB that is of the pass catching variety that you dropped a 12OA pick on, it is absolutely feasible that they have more first down catches than an X. Or that your #1WR is your Z. (It is). The simple fact is, we have to replace something and no one on the current roster has PROVEN they can be that replacement yet. I’m not saying it’s impossible to replace Josh Reynolds. I am saying that we are worse right now than we were last year at WR. That can change and I hope it does.

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Yes lets start at week 9 for some reason… :roll_eyes:

How about because he missed the first four games of the season, had less than half-a-season’s worth of healthy games under his belt, and because most players will tell you it takes a month to get back into football shape?

Everyone forgets Jamo is barely more than a rookie.


Ah yes, so we want to pretend like we didn’t see two different Jamo’s. Ok. If you want to use the entire year and include the period in which Jamo was clearly struggling that is fine. Even so his drop rate for
the whole season including playoff games was 9.8%. Josh’s for the same period was 8.9%. My apologies that the numbers don’t fit with your preconceived notions.


Yes, you absolutely include when he struggled. Unless you want to stop right before Reynolds struggled. I will fully agree that Jamo FINALLY started improving. But both due to on-field (you did not hear him going out with Saint every practice to catch 200 balls) and off field (suspension) he has vastly underperformed for a 12OA WR. But I still have my doubts about the guy and if he and Goff will ever have the rapport and thus “trust” that he had with JR. My contention with the drops was that if you are looking to Jamo to fix where Reynolds was deficient, I think you are kidding yourself.

You are of course entitled to have your doubts. The Lions sure do seem very bullish about 2024 Jamo. :man_shrugging:


and, Josh Reynolds was always around the football.



I like you, kid. :sunglasses:

I’ve seen flashes. I just want more. Goff, needs more out of him. It hasn’t clicked yet is just my .02. He had a nice couple of series against SF. I’m hoping we get much more that last stretch for sure. Certainly not wanting anyone here to fail. Especially 12OA picks. Maybe they think Green is going to move up and they have a couple targets in the draft they are high on. I’ll probably be looking at a different perception come September.

I agree. Flashes are there for sure. The one thing that several posters have pointed out is get Jamo the ball anyway possible. Reverses, hitches, slants, crossing routes. The dude is dangerous once he has the ball and some blockers out front. Every time he has the ball in space, a house call is possible.

At times it felt like he was a deep route decoy. Gotta get him going early and often.

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Sounds like we gotta get a replacement deep route decoy so we can get Jamo more involved in that way. Perhaps that receiver is the offensive “missing piece” the same way DJ teaser was for the defense

The WR that the Lions are expected to draft should definitely have deep speed and size.
Not just for a deep route decoy but someone to complement Jamo so that both can occupy a safety with the threat of a go route as well as deep digs, outs, and crossing routes.
It appears Holmes is looking for speed 1st (all WR’s that have met with Lions run sub 4.4) and size (all are over 6’1" tall except for obvious slot WR Gould 5’8").
Documented visits aren’t conclusive because the Lions work hard to keep information inside and contact with candidates quiet.
A rookie WR may not be the “missing piece”, but the right one will help unlock JAMO and also help, St. Brown, LaPorta, and Gibbs.


Antoine Green was a deep route guy in college and he will have an entire offseason to work with us.

Donovan Peoples Jones has more down field ability than Josh Reynolds had. Reynolds was more clutch moving the chains.

Also, DJ Chark as a cheap veteran could do the same.


Damn bro! Youve been really high on green :leaves: I don’t have the same expectations of him and would rather his spot be upgraded.

I hope we get someone like chark. I feel like we have all these receivers with specialties like DPJ with the deep contested catches, green with the speed and tracking. Chark combines all those traits to a good enough degree with significantly more size and speed.

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