WR - KJ Hamler

The Lions like speed and Hamler brings plenty.

Rumor is he’s on the bubble in Denver and one landing spot could be DET. We desperately need another WR and Hamler would be an upgrade at the bottom of the roster.

It shouldn’t take much to get him either.

What do you think?


I feel like its not desperate when you look at last season numbers . During game you seldom start more than 4 an most of the time its 3. I think are top four are solid. If he is cut i am all for signing anyone they like. But we are not desperate. I mean if you put Dylan of Cota or Green in WR position they still need to cover. Green has the speed an they may not even throw often to him but he is fast. Cota is big body WR you need to cover he is like a TE . The point is with are four we are OK an we Get Williams back after 6 games. H has not played many games injured a lot


It’s not achilles injuries, but Hamler has had torn ACL(s), hamstring issues, and surgery to repair his pec muscle it looks like.

I have no diea what he’s been doing this year…but I guess if we want a Mims type deal to bypass waivers then ok

Doesn’t sound like Dan Campbell was to thrilled with how that all played out with injured Mims. Don’t know if we would go that route again for WR room

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He’d fit right in with that injury history. Jamo and him could bond together in the hot tub.


Yikes. Walking wounded.

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Hell. We could resign Mims as far as that goes.

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Anyone wanting to bond with JaMoss had better plan on doing so in the end zone

A couple of years ago, this might have excited me. But I just don’t see it this year. I am feeling almost comfortable with our WR mix. If Jamo wasn’t in play as a mid-season add, I would feel differently. But I expect one of our WRs to be down when he returns so it will be a swap out.

It feels like an unsung group of professionals that are just going to make the plays they are expected to. It may sound underwhelming, but it really is all we will need with this setup.

Exactly how I feel. Role players doing what’s asked of them…some Dan Campbell football.

When JaMoss comes back for the last half, we have 3 deadly weapons in JaMoss, RA, and Gibby, to go alongside what Monty & the OL Bring. TEs should have a ton of space

I thought he got waived???

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I’m all for affordable upgrades (if that’s what he’d be, I dunno); who wouldn’t be?

But an upgrade “at the bottom of the roster” isn’t much of an answer to our real need for someone better than Reynolds/Raymond/Jones.


Dude has a heart condition and the headline calls it mild. If you have anything wrong with your heart, there is nothing mild about that, for the love of God stop playing football.

Torn Achilles, messed up hamstring, surgery on pec muscle and a bad heart. Yea, ■■■■ football. Look into lawn bowling.


KJ Hamler is made of legos.

The article mentioned he may be out a month….
which sounds like it may be transient pericarditis.

It is an inflammation of the sack that surrounds the heart, which may be cause by an infection, arthritis, a trauma to the area, or a few other causes.

That is a condition that may resolve and possibly not recur.

It is most often treated with anti-inflammatories… and rest.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him fully cleared to play football again and the risk moving forward may not be any more with him than any other player.

For his sake, I hope you are right, he’s not even 25 years old.

Keeps him from getting stepped on, at least.

So he’s got torn ACLs, bad hammy, torn pecs, heart issue, and he was waived.

I think we are better off with Trinity Benson than him

hard pass LOL

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