WR Quintez Cephus Compared to Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin

According to Gil Brandt. Note Gil is 87 years of age and from the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee to be exact. So, I’m not surprised and I don’t think Cephus can be compared to Michael Irvin

You mean…Not wearing a fur coat in the heat with a woman on each arm and an once of coke in his pocket. That’s good.

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Some of the things Gil spews out there lately, is…age catching up?


and Hall of Famer lol. Maybe Quintez will be a Hall of Famer, dunno

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Well…he did call Quinn “Secretariat” prior to the Lions hiring him. At the time I was excited, now, looking back, I’m wondering if it might’ve been one of the first signs that G-Money was slipping.

Brandt likely meant in terms of Cephus’s physical style of play. One thing he can do that many WRs can’t (Charles Rogers is one who couldn’t who comes to mind), is beat the jam at the line by the CB.

I love that Cephus a featured player in college and now has a chance to grow as a young WR with loads of upside. Little external pressure, only what he puts on himself. Some kids just thrive in that situation.

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Looking forward to Cephus. I don’t know what his ceiling is,but these comparisons I’ve seen are interesting. Not just Irvin, who I don’t quite see. But Jarvis Landry is an interesting one to me, although Cephus plays X not slot. Then again, he will definitely be playing some slot this year. I can kinda see the Jarvis Landry comp. Maybe Devante Adams in a way. He reminds me a little of Cris Carter body type wise? But I like Jarvis as a comp body-style wise. Obviously these are ridiculous comps at this point. We could only be so lucky. But I’ve been studying him some, I think he’ll definitely be on the field. He can make clutch catches in traffic which is huge. Plus he can block with the best and he’s enthusiastic about it.

Brandt is often on the Sirius XM football channel and while slow, isn’t way out there, cognitively, from what I hear of him. That said if this guy turns out to be Michael Crabtree then we still have won, value wise. Michael Irvin? Praaaaahbably not.

Though they kinda said that same stuff about Anquan Boldin…so…


My contribution to the hype train, he lead all WR’s with 23 rep’s.

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Weasel stole my comparison. I think Anquan Boldin is a much better example. I see Cephus as a guy who knows how to use his body positioning to his advantage and has strong enough hands to fight for 50/50 balls.

Time will tell of course. I remember when the Chiefs drafted Jon Baldwin and despite his footspeed issue he was expected to be a dominant WR like Larry Fitzgerald. Of course, the guy was so slow that even poor CB’s could cover him and he didn’t have the hands you would need to win contested catches.


Boldin is definitely one that came up in comps. I can see it, although I think Boldin might be stronger.

Boldin and Cephus combines…



How many WR’s that run a 4.74 ever do anything in the NFL?

Boldin for one

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Maybe Cephus isn’t really that slow.

Jarvis Landry ran a very slow 40, like 4.77 or something. Hines Ward was not fast, not sure how slow. Cris Carter wasn’t fast. Boldin, as mentioned. Larry Fitzgerald was in the 4.6s. So was DeAndre Hopkins I think. Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 something.

I would say its certainly not a good thing, but he did improve substantially at pro-day and while pro-day is always faster, he ran in the 4.5s which is a huge improvement. He said he worked on not getting upright so quick on timed 40s.

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Steve Largent, 5’11, 4.7 forty.

When Largent retired, he held all major NFL receiving records, including: most receptions in a career (819), most receiving yards in a career (13,089), and most touchdown receptions (100). He was also in possession of a then-record streak of 177 consecutive regular-season games with a reception. He also holds the distinction as the first receiver in NFL history to achieve 100 touchdown receptions in his career.


I call it “FEAR” speed.

40 times have some correlation to speed on the field. But there is a factor that I think most people overlook.


Time yourself running a 40 yd sprint, alone, on a track surface.

Now time yourself with a 600 lb Grizzly Bear chasing you.

I think some guys on a football field run much faster than their 40 times would suggest. A guy running in shorts in Indianapolis in not running on all cylinders. But a guy being chased by Ray Lewis has a little more pep in his step (Hypothalamus banging on all cylinders).