WR similar to Deebo

I’m not sure how to respond to that? Did you watch him or read a bad draft bloggers take?

He had 9-10 OBJ like one handed snares. High pointed the hell out of the ball….

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C Kancey
A Voorhees
R Rice
Dorian Williams

This draft would be insane!!!

I know… I know the defense-

Alim/Buggs/Benito Jones

Rodrigo/Dorian Williams

James Bradberry/W Harris
B Branch/Iffy
K Joseph/T Walker
V Bell/T Walker

I’m okay with this D… a full offseason weight program for Hutch and Joseph…. Scheme experience for Houston, Rodrigo, and hopefully health for Paschal, Okudah, and Levi O

Look at the offense though




Jackson (extend 4 and 45M)

Wright/Mitchell- maybe add M Gesicki if he’s cheap?

I feel like Bradberry and Von Bell as my only outside free agents is pretty reasonable.


How many players in the whole league are like Deebo? That tells you how often you can find one in the draft

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I think he goes in the 1st when it is all said and done

Depends on how he runs. He’s turning 23 now too

WR - Zay Flowers is the closest thing if you ask me.

There’s some interesting scat backs in this draft too.

I do think we need a gadget player type.


He’s better looking though.

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How about AJ Brown as a similar guy to Deebo? Both stand out to me because they are big and strong, but still fast enough to run away from people and get open down the field.

If you’re looking for one of these guys in the draft, the key is to find a guy who is at least 215 pounds but still runs close to a 4.5 forty. Deebo measured in at 5’11" at 215 pounds while Brown was 225 pounds at a little over 6’.

Pairing one of those physical freaks with Jamo’s speed would be awesome for the Lions future WR corps.

I remember when Deebo was drafted…
he was fairly confident the Patriots would draft him…
and it seemed like a great fit…
and the they picked N’Keal Harry.

That choice may have cemented Brady’s exit strategy.

I’ve loved Zay since I thought he was gonna be in last year’s draft and we could get him at a bargain, but he doesn’t have near Deebo’s strength. You can bring Zay down with an arm tackle, you certainly wouldn’t hand it off to him except on end arounds. That’s what makes Deebo unique, he can legitimately take RB carries.

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Zay is built like a gadget play guy while Deebo is built like a RB. That’s the main difference but from an impact point I like what Zay offers.

I remember reading some “experts” during the predraft process who clearly didn’t do their homework and called Sun God “weak.” I was like…wait, what?


I like Zay’s game. He would give us something different than ASB, more shifty IMO.

I do see some Deebo similarities. I would love to have him

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haha! This is the opposite of that guy that ran in a sports bra a couple of years ago. LOL. Only way this gets better

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Probably the best blocking WR in the nfl! Several times the past 2 years he’s knocked defensive ends on their asses.