WR theory

I’m just spitballing here because I’m a complete doofus who has no idea about the actual Xs and Os of the game…but I think I might be on to something.

Could it be that Holmes and Co. believe that you’d don’t really need a WR1 if you have multiple WR2s? Maybe they think that as long as you have multiple reliable targets who are good enough to get open and catch most of the balls that are tossed their way then you don’t need that prototypical dominant WR1. That might explain at least partially why they haven’t been in much of a rush to procure one.

Do you guys think that might be what’s in their heads? And if so, do you think that could actually work out? Has it ever worked anywhere else?


You don’t need a prototypical WR1. But you need legit weapons to throw to. If someone went and ranked the top 200 WRs in the NFL. Detroit wouldn’t have 1 crack the top 50. Two that would crack the top 100. And the rest would be well outside the top 100. We don’t have multiple #2s. IMO we have a handful of 3/4s with Tyrell Williams having the upside of a low end #2. No one else has even proven to be a reliable #3


You might be right about that. I honestly have no idea. I do think Cephus might have WR2 ability. He’s flashed it a couple times but I’d need to see a bit more of it to say for sure. I do hold out hope for the rookies coming in, though. They look promising.

I was thinking something similar to this, in that a #1 WR, or another really good #2 is the last piece or one of the last pieces you need to acquire. The Patriots and the Bucs come to mind both with Antonio brown signings as well as randy moss back a few years. I’m sure other teams have done it as well I just can’t think of them off the top of my head.

I think you build your lines through the draft, develop them and resign your own guys, as well as pieces to your secondary and LBs, and maybe certain pieces on offense (like TE for example). Once you have those, then you can add that WR to put you over the top.

Eagles did that with Terrell Owens way back when in 2004 I believe as well


Yeah I’d agree with you there, you do need to have a couple strong 2s/3s to start somewhere.

Here’s 50 that EVERYBODY would rather have over our guys, and that’s just off the top of my head. Could probably dig for another 20+ on tyrells level

Michael Thomas

DeAndre Hopkins

Davante Adams

Tyreek Hill

Calvin Ridley

Julio Jones

Odell Beckham Jr

Jarvis Landry

AJ Brown

DK Metcalf

Tyler Lockett

Stephon Diggs

Mike Evans

Chris Godwin

Amari Cooper

CeeDee Lamb

Adam Thielen

Justin Jefferson

Cooper Kupp

Robert Woods

Tyler Boyd

Ja’Marr Chase

Tee Higgins

Terry McLaurin

Curtis Samuel

Devonta Smith

Kenny Golladay

Allen Robinson

Robbie Anderson

DJ Moore

Deebo Samuel

Brandon Aiyuk

Courtland Sutton

Jerry Jeudy

Henry Ruggs

Mike Williams

Keenan Allen

DJ Chark

Brandin Cooks

TY Hilton

Michael Pittman

Juju Smith-Schuster

Chase Claypool

Marquise Brown

Rashod Bateman

Devante Parker

Jaylen Waddle

Kyle Fuller

Corey Davis

Elijah Moore

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Crazy that Randy Moss was ever considered a WR 2 lol

I think that we really only need one more receiver so that we aren’t counting too much on rookies to shoulder the load. That said, if Amon Ra is as good as I think he might be and Cephus starts showing consistency we might be alright. I imagine a lot of targets will be going to RB and TE anyway this year.

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I don’t think Cephus will ever be more than a 4/5 :man_shrugging:t2: But that’s just my opinion

I have always been a bit of an optimist :sweat_smile:

Haha I usually am too when it comes to the Lions. But when I look at the WRs I literally want to puke :joy:

I actually am praying Perriman can break out and become a decent #2.

I think many folks on this board are going to be pleasantly surprised at how good that kid is going to be.


Here’s a list of available WR FAs:

Kenny Stills
Golden Tate
Larry Fitzgerald
Josh Gordon
Alshon Jeffrey
Tavon Austin
Dez Bryant

Are any of those still worth kicking the tires on? I might try to bring in Fitz just to have him help coach up the young guys.

I think Crowder from the Jets is going to get cut. He’s the one I would like to sign personally

Remember when Belicheck put CB’s 2 and 3 on Megatron and CB 1 on Tate?

Stafford was 18 - 46 that game

We drafted Megatron and neglected the position for years after that. At the same time the Packers stacked James Jones, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb…and didn’t spend a single 1st rounder to get a superior receiving group. Meanwhile Matt was left to throw into the teeth of the defense to get to his “true #1 receiver” or throw to a slug.


Amon Ra has a bit of Hines Ward to him

I believe that Detroit believes that WR’s are more “plug-n-play” and the last piece you need.

If Goff plays decent this year I think 2022 could be WR with one of our 1st round picks (and likely FA investment as well).

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100% I love this kid. I think he is a stud. My odds on targets leader favourite for the 2022 season.

I mean this is the wrong way of thinking. WRs are extremely important. You may not have to draft them in the 1st round, but if you don’t have any, it’s a problem.

That being said, we aren’t playoff contenders anyway so it doesn’t matter that much. But there isn’t a playoff team who doesn’t have a good receiving core

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Also I remember reading somewhere how having CJ was a detriment in a way during those early seasons, because teams would play one way against everyone else but then change everything when they played the Lions. So what Stafford and the offense would see on film during the week was not usually what he’d have to face on game day.

Getting Burleson helped a bit and then getting Tate really helped