WTF is up with all the injuries? Not just us

As I’m watching the red zone, the scrolling ticker providing an update regarding which players were injured today…

Breece Hall, Vera-Tucker, Corey Davis, DK Metcalf, JC Jackson, Allen Lazard, Jeffrey Simmons, ASB, Rashan Gary, Evan Neal, A Winfield, Adoree Jackson, Tannehill, Njoku, and T Hendrickson.

Those are just the guys who left game and didn’t come back in at all.

Doesn’t it seem like an abnormal amount of knee, ankle, finger and concussions this year?

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Players are getting bigger, stronger, and faster every year. This trend will continue.

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There are a lot of performance peptides people can buy at medi-spa clinics. Some need script, others don’t many are on the banned list.

I wonder if any of these have side effects that reduce elasticity, and such.

Omg! Don’t throw something like that out there while the elephant stands in the corner waving?
Hello. Who here was born magnetic :magnet:?

Go back and look at Portis, Gore, LT2, S Alexander, C Mart, Bettis, Barry, Emmitt, S Davis, and even Deuce….

Deuce missed 15 games in his first 6 seasons, and he was considered FRAGILE back then…

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I am thinking this too

And I wonder if long term gains of money for players with the 17 game will actually drive salaries down as teams need to save space for injured reserve and signing new players during the season.

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