WTF is wrong with Goff?

best guess is he’s got a pretty decent concussion because this is the shittiest game he has played bar none ! Should-have been benched.

2 game winning TD drives to win the game wrong.


2 of his 3 picks I don’t really think were on him. One was and another (that was dropped) probably could’ve been a pick 6. He showed a lot of poise when the game was on the line.


Better then what you would expect defense for a 3-8 squad who completely changed up their looks for this game and were already really good at deception.

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Wolf we won bud.

Goff wasn’t great but he was great when it mattered most.


I’m pretty sure that Goff was just trying to get their hopes up as high as possible, so it would make ripping their hearts out all the more satisfying.


He made some poor decisions today and some bad throws but also stayed calm made some nice throws and mounted a game winning drive

It’s a sign of a good team when they can overcome mistakes for a win


We don’t win that game without Goff.
2 of the 3 picks were not on him.


It definitely wasn’t his best game. He should’ve had a pick six, maybe two. And on the first one that was dropped, he had LaPorta open by MILES for a free touchdown.

I just think the entire team was off today. But BNL came through for them.


His stat line looks worse than his actual play.

That said, definitely not a great game.

AND I believe he was 10-12 w/a score on the last two drives when it REALLY counted. And the win.

Not bad for a ‘s****y’ day at the office.

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Wasn’t a good game overall but he was great when they needed him to be.

wolverines and the Lions played eerily similar games this weekend against opponents they should have easily outmatched

Maybe Jared and JJ we’re having a side bet as to how shaky they could look and still pull out a win

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He just had a bad day at the office! It happens!


safe to say, someone probably won’t be pro football focus’ top rated quarterback in the league after today

One pick was a pi other was a tip ball .


Interior OL responsible 2 of the INTs

2nd one Sorsdal got pushed back so far in Goffs face he couldn’t see the LB

3rd one Sorsdal (?) again was losing the rep to a DL who got his hands up to deflect the pass.

No push on interior OL was the same reason we couldn’t run effectively.

I say put in Skipper for Sorsdal.

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not liking this “deception”–IF you hold the power to destroy your opponent, do it ! Do not act like you can’t do shit and pretend your way to a near loss -and hope like hell you can make miracle comebacks !!! these teams will not show you mercy-if they can run the football down your throat all game? they will do it and not blink an eye once they crush you—BUT WE play some bullshit “I can’t make plays” and hope we can kill them with a win???

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Drunk posting? :grin:

Some of you guys crack me up


Win or lose that one, drunk-posting or not, what foolishness.

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JJ pissed me off yesterday. He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat in the middle of the ocean!!! Had a chance at a big play to Cornelius Johnson and just plain missed badly!!! If UM plays like this next week OSU rolls them by double digits!

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