WTF is wrong with Goff?

I’ll partially agree. There was something off with Goff today. He was missing on throws he typically nails like a carney ringer, it wasn’t just the INT’s.

Someone once told me, long ago, you’ll be judged by how you carry yourself during your worst days.

If that’s true, I’m happy that man is our QB, because despite his crappy day, he gutted it out. He was clutch when it mattered. Never shaken, cool as a cucumber. I’m just glad we were playing the Bears, because a real team could have killed us today. What matters is, Goff weathered his own storm and put another W in the column.

Now it’s time to focus on giving Tom Grossi indigestion on Thursday. :laughing:


Good post, good point.

I guess it’s lost during the experience that what Goff did today was the figurative embodiment of Dan Campbell’s kneecap speech.

Knocked down (int 1), got back up. Knocked down again (int 2), got back up taking off kneecap (late 1st half TD drive), Int 3 happens. But he keeps on coming at them, and by the time it’s over Goff and the Lions are the only ones left standing. The Bears are looking for their kneecaps.

Isn’t that exactly what Campbell said this team would be? And they lived it today.



Reports have suggested that Goff’s heart is made of ice. Just cold blooded. Doesn’t flinch at anything.


I’m a huge fan, and was the day we got him.

I started Tom Brady in a high stakes fantasy league the day he threw 120 yards with zero tds and 4 ints. He had negative points.

They all have games, just like Steph Curry has games where he can’t find a bucket. The best have those games few and far between

Oh, no! Wolf won.
He was stirring the pot and got exactly what he was looking for.:laughing:

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