XFL average player pay to be $55,000

Why doesn’t Vince just try and fight the NCAA at this point? Because yikes.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch that stuff, if the entire season was free. LOL

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No thanks.

I’m always on board for a trainwreck, at least until impact.

Count me in for one or two weeks.

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I think Kap and AB should definitely go play there. Along with Manzel.

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It’s tough to watch any sport if you are not witnessing some of the best athletes in the world do their thing.

It’s an interesting angle that they could target college kids, but I still think it would be better for the players to stay in college to dominate and play against kids their age rather than grown ass men looking to make a statement to the NFL.

I can’t watch because we only get local stations on a calm clear night…

But I’d give it a try.

Low salaries makes a some sense off the bat. If it takes off better than the most recent league or the first XFL salaries should grow.

I would like to see an 8 man league on a 100yd field. Gotten used to 8man HS. Hated it at first but it’s grown fun to watch. Most times you have shootouts but sometimes you get low scoring battles or a complete blowout.

North Central vs a much bigger more experienced Pickford team was a great game to watch. The little guys stood their ground and wore out the bigger deeper Pickford team. Pickford probably averaged 15-20 lbs more per kid. But NC has speed and athletes, and though small, they can hit and it was rare to see a big Pickford skill player fall forward for an extra yard.

If Kaep wanted to show he was talented, and was only missing on a roster because of his politics, this would be the perfect time. Go there, make little money, and show someone you are still really talented.

My personal opinion is he isn’t very good, but he could prove everyone wrong

Quite a few ex-NFL JAGs in the draft pool.


Screw the NFL.