XFL is dead again

All employees laid off, with no indication of the league continuing. Ol’ Vince might have the midas touch when it comes to choreographed fisticuffs, but he just can’t catch a break in foosball.


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I wonder if people will bite again when he starts up XFL3 :man_shrugging:

I don’t understand why more football doesn’t work.

IMO, what killed the first iteration was the fact that it was thrown together and the product on the field sucked donkey balls. There was plenty of hype and interest.

The XFL was a legit product and I think it would’ve survived without the pandemic. Vince ran XFL part 2 the right way. There’s also some rules they used that the NFL should adopt.

The CFL remains the only other football league, as it has for years.


Same reason D-League hoops doesn’t work. Same reason people don’t watch minor league bball. Same reason minor league hockey isn’t popular.

People want to see the best in high school. The best in Colllege. The best in the pros. Seeing a league of guys who couldn’t make the next level and are hanging on to their dreams for 15 bucks an hour is both boring and sad.

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Exactly. The only reason the XFL is shut down is because of the pandemic. I dont understand why anyone is acting like XFL failed due to lack of interest or something like that - totally not the case.

It was working. Pandemic killed it. Terrible timing for XFL.

I agree this virus ruined this league IMO

It MAYBE would have got one more year - but it was fading already. It’s just bad football. When you have NFL teams employing the best 1600 players in the world, having a league with 1601- 2000th best players - well it’s gonna suck.

And you’re paid chump change to play such a violent collision sport. And players are 22-23 with college degrees and connections out the wazoo so many probably have decent working stiff jobs (like the rest of us) lined up and ready to move on with their lives and wives. Minor league baseball players can start when they’re drafted out of HS, Hockey players are 20 yrs old in the AHL, NBA is going back to drafting HS players - so minor leagues becomes a lifestyle when you’re still young and have little adult responsibilities.

And careers are short in the NFL - MLB minor leaguers and NHL minor leaguers can have 15 year careers getting paid high five to mid six figures a year and that’s enough for a decent life playing boys games. NBA G Leaguers get 70K a year salary, and there is extensive opportunities overseas in Europe or China. Minor league football you’re still looking at a 3-4 year career.

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Nah. It was fun and exciting. I, for one, was very happy with it, and found myself scheduling my week around being able to watch football that doesn’t make me angry. I’m only one, so there might not have enough of me, but I legit enjoyed every minute i watched.


Right . You’re basically watching MAC level football. No one without a baked in rooting interest wants to see that.

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It for sure would have had at least one more year. They already had the funding for 2 seasons.

If you lived in a town with nothing else, it would probably work for a while. I honestly don’t want to watch guys play who already got cut by the Lions. Because, truth be told, the Lions themselves are a minor league affiliate of the Patriots. :slight_smile:

Is it the ex, ex-XFL?


Coming in 2025, the EX-TREME EX EX XFL, of course, featuring the supreme attention whore, Rob Gronkowski!

A very stoned Gronk!

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That is the best Gronk


I wonder if the XFL should have focused on secondary cities, such as Lincoln, NE, Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX, etc.

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Yeah, and I mean Alabama football is so huge, because the entire state has nothing else. Those rednecks love their football. Same with Louisiana. Why not that area?

They marketed it pretty poorly from a geographical standpoint.

I was really starting to get into the XFL. Maybe, because I have ties to Houston and they are a great team?
This sucks!