XFL wideout Darrius Shepherd to try out with the Lions

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They do have a couple guys to replace on that unit.

Or - at this juncture of growth- looking at upgrades?!

I think it could very well be either / or. Holmes is always looking to churn the roster.

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It’s like the RB room.

Before the draft, imho, we were ok: we improved now

And the same here with WRs…. If we can improve, we have to and allow the other player)s) to go find work elsewhere!

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Yes always trying to improve; I also think this is partially a direct result of CJ Moore being a dumbass.


Interesting how little this has come up in Holmes pressers. It’s like the media were instructed not to ask about Moore and Cephus gambling on nfl games. I don’t believe it’s ever even come up. Sweep under the rug, nothing to see here.

And it’s not the Lions instructing the media either. It’s the NFL. Gotta keep the shield clean.


Yep, you are most likely right. Could be lawsuits involved as well, so maybe they can’t talk about it, but that shit still pisses me off. I really want to know if they were gambling on Lions games for example while playing in them.

I only have one hope for the gambling deal….

If these men need it, they get in recovery for possible addiction.

In both my NA and CR groups, I have gambrlimg addicts…… it’s real.

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I remember him fumbling some kickoffs for the Packers a few years ago