Yahoo polled college coaches to compile all underrated draft team. Guess who came out on top?


I think what we are seeing is over reaction imho…


We have underperformed overall on a decade of drafts that when we finally met the standard- it seem we crushed it…

Holmes and DC did what they get paid to do and finally did it right!!


Pretty interesting to see the take on Drake Jackson. Maybe we stole someone there.


Yeah. That was surprising. By far the most mentions of undrafted player? Interesting. I think we do have a backup interior OL that is a competent center.

This was all guys that played in ‘20, right?

C Drake Jackson (Kentucky), Detroit Lions, undrafted free agent – “Flip on the film, he had no problem blocking the best defensive linemen in the country week in and week out. If he was a little taller [than 6-foot-2], he’d have been gone in Round 2. I’m shocked that he didn’t get drafted. Great communicator and such a good adjustment maker that I’ve adjusted some things [coaching] based on what he showed me on tape.” (Jackson got the most mentions, by far, of undrafted players.)

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I always take note of how different prospects are presented, particularly if its a WR. I noticed that with St. Brown they talked about his actual game. With the Simi kid they just talked about his potential and made sure to use his measurables to back it up. I don’t know anything about the Simi kid (never researched him) but that says to be that his game doesn’t speak for itself?


I agree with the Alim McNeill take too. Hell I was advocating for him in the 2nd.

DT Alim McNeill (N.C. State), Detroit Lions, third round – “He’s a true two-gap run defender. We couldn’t move him or block him. He was the best interior lineman we played last year. He’s a freak.”

That’s what I think. You need oline depth and guys like Jackson and Stenberg give us that at C/OG.

With plsyers having more choice and agents pushing for good landing spots
The UDFA thing may relate to view of lions roster as very makeable with opportunity

Cut Beau the third round UDFA steal ? Or keep em all ?

Increase competition and let the best man win. The numbers will sort themselves out. In the meantime Jackson was a draftable player IMO so #winning.

Beau? If you are meaning benzschawel he isn’t on our roster, he is with wft

Mission accomplished then!!!


Drake Jackson, Tommy Kraemer and Evan Brown are the 3 depth players fighting for 1 open spot.

Drake has a teammate already here (Stenberg). A little light in the britches. 44 consecutive starts at Center. (Clearly could be a backup C/G)

Tommy Kraemer has the desired OT height at over 6’ 5". Started at OT for 1 year and then finished the last 3 at OG. (Suggests he could be a backup G/OT similar to Dahl or Aboushi)

Evan Brown was a Guard (2 years) and Center (last 2 years) at Southern Methodist. He’s been kicking around the league for 3 years already.

I suppose without actually watching them play, I have to put Drake at the top of the list.

Wtf with wft !


Ya over with Washington, i have to say the wft moniker is a bit rough to get used to just my opinion.

Should have changed it to Washington fatcats or Washington senators… Washington football team is just idk

They didn’t really “change” it to Washington Football Team so much is that was just a generic place holder while they find their next name. They pulled the name during a highly politically charged time while they were going thru some serious investigations, so they virtue signaled to get some heat off of them (and it worked). I think they had every intention of finding and implementing a new name at least by the start of the 2021 league year but ironically Deadskins fans have taken a liking to being WFT so they are taking their time with it and milking it a bit.

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Yea I thought new nsme was in works but it seems to have stalled.

Im glad they got rid of old name even if it was the other stuff going on that made them do it.


Interesting stuff on the center. Would be amazing if he panned out.