Year three of the offense

More kool-aid.

“I think the main thing that feels different, certainly offensively right now, is just the standard of execution and the way that we operate and how much further along we are Day 1 this year, than we were Day 1 last year,” Goff said. “That only raises your standards and expectation for yourself.

“It’s really cool to be able to show up this week and even in OTAs and be like, ‘OK, we know the formations, we know the base stuff’, and be able to, ‘OK what are our tweaks? What can we get better at? What are the things that we really fell short of last year?’ And find ways to get even better.’”

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Technically year 2 of the offense, but his 3rd year in the D… Heard a stat on Woodward sports, this is the first time in Goff’s career he’s had the same OC and QB coach in consecutive years… Crazy.


I’m surprised how well we did on the offense. Our receivers weren’t Calvin Johnson. It might all come down to the O line. Which might be better than last year.


I really think it will be

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