You all realize how bad this is going to get, right?

We have XFL-level running backs, and now an XFL-level QB.

And one of the worst defenses in the NFL. A defense that allows Mitch Trubisky – who struggled to get first downs in his previous games – three TDs.

5-10-1 feels like the ceiling.

Oh, and because we’re the Lions, and nothing goes our way, that will be good for like the 6th or 7th pick in the draft. Juuuuust after all the elite players.


Correction the defense isn’t just one of the worst in the NFL, its the 2nd worst in the NFL in a decade and the only one worse is a winless team.

I’m trying to figure out how you have us winning 2 more games though


I’m guessing those are when Stafford comes back!

I personally hope we just keep Stafford on the bench and let him heal, rehab and get stronger.

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The way Mitch carved us up fro 173 yards passing was masterful :rofl:


Now that is some impressive spin.


He won and we all know that winning is clearly a QB stat and the only QB stat that matters.

A QB who throws 150 yrds, 4 INTs and wins is a better QB than one who throws 500 yrds, 5tds and loses. I mean come on … everyone knows that wins are a QB stats.


Been a die hard Lions fan since 68.
No way it can get worse than I’ve seen.
I’ve seen Daryl Rogers, Matt Millen, Rod Marinelli, and Joe Lombardi.
I’ve seen 2 Super Stars quit in their prime, rather than play for this team.
Seriously, how bad is it going to get.


Bad … go sit in the corner and say 500 fire millens.


Because there are never any elite players after pick #5



Bonfire of Absurdities

So who gets the sinking ship award this year? Detroit or Cleveland?
Or whatever that thing is called.



I would actually give it to the Bengals. They made a huge error in who they hired to coach the team. What isn’t appreciated from the outside is how much Marvin Lewis had to do with the day to day workings of the team outside of his coaching. They brought in a kid to run the team, and he’s completely over his head trying to figure out how to do his job and other people’s jobs all at the same time.


Dude, there are 10 teams currently giving up more points per game than the Lions this season alone. Holy crap.


If you recall, a writer put a spin on some cherry picked stats and proclaimed this defense worse than the 2008 Lions. People have kind of ran with that narrative ever since. Our defense has been really bad though.

Yeah it’s been bad. But I think people forget all the the merciless curb-stompings this team has suffered in the past. To the point where the joke in the middle of the 2nd quarter among my friends was, okay if we stop em here it’s only a 24 point deficit at half time! This is not even close to being as bad as those teams, and it wasn’t just 2008.

I know may sound ridiculous to some, but I’m not that worried about the defense. Not to the point of scrapping the scheme, when I see what NE is doing this year. Let’s keep this scheme and add to the talent this offseason and, hopefully, the DL can stay healthy next year. If the D is this bad next year, fire everyone.


Yep. I had a ton of respect for Marvin Lewis.

On the subject of respect… I once thought Tomlin was just an attitude guy, leading with emotion and bravado, which I consider to be cheap sugar highs. The AB debacle (among other things) reveals to me he was managing a lot more than I had given him credit for. When you’re able to build a functioning, cohesive group with several dysfunctional pieces in the mix, it speaks to the leader’s true ability.

i’ve seen worse—been a fan since 1954

Quinn is going down in flames if HIS 2020 offseason with drafts and free agency, trades ect…produce another sorry excuse for a defense, the team is STILL half assed , and we are getting losses handed to us by rookie QB’s !!!