You do NOT pass on these QB's

I give Goff all the credit he deserves, but he is not elite, and never will be. Am I happy with him? Sure. To an extent. But he is NOT a franchise QB. And never has been. Period. Everyone was talking bad about this years QB class, and it’s probably because everyone loves Goff, and want to improve the defense. I get it.

After watching the combine, these QB’s are STUDS. There isn’t the highly rated Andrew Luck player, but these 4 QB’s are as good as it gets. And there are 4 of them.

I predict Richardson will be the first overall pick. It was like he was built in a lab. You don’t pass on a guy with that kind of measurables, tools, and potential. You just don’t.

The Lions for gifted the 6th overall pick. Unless all 4 QB’s go in the first 4 picks (through trades) you do NOT pass one of these guys up. Unless you already have a franchise QB (Mahomes, etc) you should be fired if one of these guys are there and you don’t take him.

I see Goff like Jimmy G. Can win, and even go to the superbowl, but they trade the moon for Lance. Who doesn’t compare to Richardson. Chicago is about to bank.

I would go QB #6 and Bijan #18. Roll the dice on all defense the rest of the way.


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Thankfully you’re not the GM.


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Every year this happens. Someone claims “these are the greatest ever” or “that is the first time we’ve ever seen that”.

The reality is that it really isn’t. That is the one nice thing about the combine. Measurables

Many would argue this is a down year for QB’s. Some “good” talents but no “great ones”. If Young was 6’3" and 220, no one would question him. If AR-15 was a bit more accurate. If Levis made better decisions. CJ can’t win the big game.


He just needs to be traded from Detroit to LA….

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OR given an extension. If we were to have a vote any thoughts on what might happen?

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That would be awesome if every team believed these were QB’s that you just don’t pass on. The question becomes, with QBs going 1 through 4, who does Seattle take at 5?

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They should take QB as well. There are only 3 franchise QBs in the entire NFL. Every other team should keep taking QBs every year until they find one on that level.

(sarcasm detected)


3? You must still be counting Burrow and Allen.

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Stop reading right here, the whole elite or not elite is nothing but Bullshit. There is no script that says what a elite QB is, it is a personal preference and nothing more. What you really mean is you don’t consider him elite so you wanna reach for the stars. I’m ok with what ever they do, but the whole elite or not elite is the weakest argument there is.


Every year


You are having an emotional response to the information being force fed to you. The media hype is real and the more hype the more media frenzy and fan buy in.

Go back, watch tape, trust the tape.


When poster use elite I just figure they don’t have a real argument so they go to the elite thing because you can never be wrong because there is no elite guidelines.

Then you will always get the guy that proves this right when he comes on a says “well to me” elite means this. Witch just proves the point.


Exactly. Malik Willis last year is a perfect example of media hype vs reality on tape. We all know how great and athletic quarterbacks look when they’re testing is shorts against air. The real question is what happens to them when the pads come on and nfl defenses are standing across the field. Richardson has a great vertical and broad jump. That’s awesome for him but what does that have to do with playing quarterback?