You down with the Lions moves today? Or down on the Lions moves?

Count me as “down WITH” their moves.

Arguably the top DE out there, a decent TE, decent slot WR (who I see more as an on field coach) and a solid Nickle CB.

Yeah…if only we had money to pay Barr too…

The CB signing is ridiculous unless he plays #2CB, IMO.

Old slot reciever who was really never productive… ever…
Nickel CB who we’ll be paying like a CB2.
Overhyped DE, and now overpaid.
Solid TE, and very reliable. Solid signing.

Basically hate all this ex patriot crap.
This front office wreaks of bias. If this gets us nowhere, these signings will set us back quite a bit.

I’ll do my best to like the signings for whatever reason for the time being. But to me, this is kind of worrisome. It’s like they have little knowledge of the rest of the NFL.

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Coleman rated as #2 slot corner last year. He will see 70%+ snaps


This helps.


You forgot the Seahawks and Steelers.

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Coleman played under Patricia for two years in NE before heading to Seattle. So I didn’t forget lol.

And if you read my post, I clearly stated that I like the James signing.


So does this.

The Lions have cut Trevor Bates, who was recently indicted in New York after punching a police officer. Really hope he finds the help he needs to deal with whatever's going on.

— Kyle Meinke (@kmeinke) March 11, 2019

Now, Greedy in the first, and Chris Lidstrom G Boston College in the second, and this will be the most complete team of my life.
Why do you pick up the best Nickle in FA? To cover a rookie CB’s ass. That’s why!

Spent a lot of money today but Flowers is elite, and so is Coleman in the slot by PFF rankings. Hard to disagree with those moves. We need another strong draft class though.

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Mortgage the cap to get Mosley and I will give this FA period an A+.

Cut Christian Jones, cut Riddick. Thats 8m right there. Boom.