You know who you didn't hear too much about today?

Jeff Okudah.

That’s a good thing.

The Falcons suck, but they have some quality in their passing game.

I remember exactly one play down near the end zone where I thought Okudah looked like he got beat. Other than that … quiet in terms of things going his way. At least as I recall.


He was okay, he did get burned on that back of end zone pass to Ridley, but luckily he was OB.

Falcons play calling was as bad as lion’s. Jones and Ridley, it’s a no brainier pass the ball.

Okudah 0 TD’s allowed today , actually all season . Was key in containing Gurley and had 4 solo tackles , made & a key pass defended on third down … to get the ball back for the Lions . The PI was crap.
He did get lucky on a pass that ended up being incomplete because Ridley did not get 2 feet inbounds in the back of the endzone …at the same time on a play that should have had pressure it allowed Ridley to get from one side to the other …Okudah played well

I thought the PI on Okudah was a ticky tacky rookie call that he doesn’t get like year 3 with a good reputation.

That was a weak call. Kid is playing good

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