Younger teams get better through the season while older teams don’t

I will throw a couple of pic in of Jahlani Tavai. Our coaching staff helped give him the motivation to get down below 250 lbs. But by all accounts he has kept the weight off. Players for the Lions remember Jahlani always stuffing his mouth with candy and junk. At one point he topped out at close to 268 lbs while with the Lions. Just another random example of a guy learning more about taking care of his body better while in the league.

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All great points, it’s like the off topic health/fitness thread we have going, food and nutrition matters way more than training. If a player eats garbage and junk food, good chance they will have short careers.

There is a reason TB12 is still playing right at 45, and everyone hates Rodgers but he clearly takes care of himself. You don’t play to 40+, not taking care of yourself. Remember how fat Stafford and Cutler were early in their careers!? That shit is not sustainable.

Props to Tavai for figuring out how to be a pro, he looks lean and jacked now!

What is so cool about that is, Holmes first season draft picks will just be hitting their ceiling this season and Hutch and his class are just getting a clue. They won’t be really good until '24.

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Minus Levi, that one hurts! It happens to all of them.

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