Your confidence level in this team?

I’m just wondering what your confidence level is in this team right now?

We’re 2-0-1, is this team better or worse than you thought we’d be at this point?

My confidence is 10 wins, and most likely a playoff spot.
I think we beat GB twice

I thought we could go 3-3 to start the season, and we will be close to that (1/2 game over or 1/2 game under)

Much better than at the end of camp.

After three games feel like the guy gathering driving range balls. Dodged them all…so far.


LOL - that’s funny, dude

I was very worried about their first 6 games, I was hopeful they could go .500 during it and really they are one game away from being on the plus side of it. They also seem to be improving every game which is refreshing.

I would say my confidence is also building every week, I fully expect KC to win this weekend but I think even if they lose this game is a good judge of where we really stand.

I am wishing I had bet them at +1200 to win the division, I think we have a decent chance as long as we don’t drop the next 3 straight.

Higher than it’s been since Barry left.


I have no doubt whatsoever that this team is much improved from last year in terms of talent AND coaching. What will that translate to in wins? I’m not sure how to translate that confidence into a number.


Well if confidence can be translated into wins losses… I’d say I’m feeling 9-6-1 and growing. It’s largely because our secondary is trending towards the best in the NFL, and I think the DL is going to grow into their role too. I’m actually not too concerned with the offense. The OL is keeping Matt clean, and it’s a matter of time before the DL takes the defense to formidable, at which point the offense will have less pressure and probably more and better opportunities.


I am confident that my Over bet on 6 1/2 Wins is safe. Beyond that…I just don’t know yet. We have been scrapping and fighting but also getting some breaks. I want to see us making our own luck but I think this team will get better as the season goes along

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I want 18-0-1!!

Be I am feeling confident with 9-6-1 right now… that’s 6 of 13 …

We need to earn two more additional wins and probability wise we should be in!’

I’m very happy with this start. I’m enjoying it, and staying as positive as I can. BUT…
You ever have that friend who just can’t quit that one girl? You know, he swears that THIS TIME she’s going to remain faithful. They’ve been through the ups and downs, but she’s realized the error of her ways. She’s adamant she’s changed. The past is in the past. You just roll your eyes and give him some encouragement.
Me with sports teams.

I look at how the Lions team is shaping up. On the plus side these are the things that are better:

Coaching, especially at OC
TE - Hockenson is a huge upgrade
CB - Melvin and Coleman are huge upgrades over Lawson and Tabor
OG/C - our interior group looks solid
DL - Hand and Daniels being out hurts, but with Flowers also the overall talent is better and healthier.

The only areas that are worse are:

WR - Losing Tate for Amendola is a downgrade.

Overall this is a much better team and they will be competitive within the division. Our outside games that are going to be tough are KC, Dallas and both are at home. The key to our season is beating the teams we should and splitting with the others. If they go 3-3 in the division, they need 5 wins to be 10-5-1. That means TB, NYG, OAK, Den and Was. That would mean KC, Dal or splitting and losing one of the others. If the Lions can go 4-2 in the division and 11-4-1 they would likely win this division.

I would suggest this team should win a minimum of 10 games and a playoff birth.


Not very high. I predicted before the season we would get 7 to 9 wins, decent but nothing special. Nice to scrape together a few ugly wins, but I have yet to see something that will give me confidence in this team going forward. Defense seems solid, if not exciting. Offense still sputters.

On a scale of 0-16, I’m right in the 10-11 range, but if we manage a win vs KC, I’m upping that confidence range by a notch or two.

Our schedule softens a bit the second half of the season. If we continue to improve as the year moves along, and as the team’s confidence grows, the defense, especially, the dline start to play like they are capable of, and as the offense gets more comfortable with Bevels system, we are well positioned to not only make a run into the playoffs, but to do so with a nice winning streak going in.

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I think that is good analysis JR

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Especially this one.

I still have the playoff tickets from when they were so confident we were going to win the division after we crushed the Packers on TDay…then we went 0-December

I think that’s something we’ll not have to worry about with patricia coaching, I don’t see a slide like that at the end of a season. I mean everyone loses but I don’t see us losing for lack of effort or planning.


I’m not confident, but I’m optimistic. How we’re winning isn’t pretty or sustainable, what gives me hope is that we’re winning when we’re playing like crap. We have to show improvement soon, these next two games will tell us how this team stacks up. So far we’ve beaten 2 playoff teams from last year, we’re about to play 2 playoff teams from this year. If we can beat one or both of them, I will buy into this team. Even if we go .500 in the division, we probably make the playoffs, but I don’t see us winning a playoff game playing the way we are right now.

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i’m stuck in neutral this early in the season. it can get really good, go belly up or finish .500. round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows with our leos. my gut is telling me there’s still this habitual inconsistency that will eventually show it’s true colors and be the undoing of all good things as the season progresses. the lions have got to be super content sitting at 2-0-1 though. it’s about as good as you can be going into game 4.

I love the start minus one fourth quarter.

I like the team direction. But I have zero confidence right now. We could easily be 0-3. In other years, we would be 0-3. But this team has found ways to stick around and not lose.

I like the grit, but want more. I am still sitting in the fourth quarter worried that we are going to revert to sol. Until I can shake that feeling, confidence remains low. But I am certainly enjoying the wins.

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