Your Dream first 2 rounds of draft

Okay folks time for all of us to put our dreams out there and take a way to early in the process on who you would love for the Lions to draft in rounds 1 and 2. As I said I know that this is way to early in process, but I find it interesting to see who everyone favorite players are now and hopefully I would like to do this every month as we get closer to see how things change. Also please keep in mind this is a dream and we do not need half the posts saying player A will not be available or that player B is a reach. Since we have no clue how the draft might fall it is time to dream and dream big my friends.

I would love just Defense in rounds 1 and 2, so here is my current dream draft.

1a) Jalen Carter, DT
1b) Brian Branch, DB
2a) Noah Sewell, LB
2b) Emmanuel Forbes, DB


1a. Bryce Young
1b. Jalen Carter
2a. Will Anderson
2b. Brian Branch

That’s my dream.

Realistically I’d love for one of the three premium players to fall to our pick but I think it’s really, really unlikely, so I suppose my somewhat realistic dream would go:

1a. N/A
1b. Brian Branch
2a. Devon Witherspoon
2b. Cody Mauch

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Wayyyy too early. Haven’t even looked into the draft much. But as of today, my dream scenario would be

1A IDL Jalen Carter
1B CB Joey Porter Jr.
2A RB Jahmyr Gibbs
2B SS Jordan Battle

J4 with my first 4 picks lol

I could like 4 totally different players come April


Carter (if he’s the guy)
OG stud
CB stud



Trade down for extra second.
Cam Smith

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I haven’t looked into the players at all but my dream scenario is a lockdown corner and game wrecker of a defensive tackle in round one. In round two I want an impact linebacker and another solid corner. In round 3 I want a bell cow running back and offensive guard.

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How many toads have you licked today!? haha


Hey, I was still in the parameters of the thing lol. OP did ask for our dream drafts.


That is correct, no matter how wild that dream might be.

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#1OA - clone barry sanders
#2OA - clone reggie white
#3OA - clone deion sanders
#4OA - clone steve young

all of these picks were acquired via trade for some sketchers.


1a. Gonzalez(rises up the draft in the top 10 and we get our long term boundary corner)
1b. Branch(get the nickel/S hybrid we’ve been talking about for awhile now)
2a. Kancey(despite size he prooves he deserves to be picked in the first 2 rounds)
2b. Cooper Beebe/Cody Mauch(get a long term answer at RG)

Beebe went back to school regrettably.

You’ve hit on 4 of my favorite guys with your other picks. I’m hoping Kancey’s size issues cause him to drop into the 3rd, FOs are deathly afraid of outliers so it could happen (see Nakobe Dean). I also think we’ll be lucky if Mauch falls to our 2a let alone 2b, but this is a dream draft after all.

Yeah I like Kancey and if I’m honest I’m closer to picking him with 2b then 2a. Finding a suitable 3T is harder to find in this draft once I did a little deep dive outside of Carter. There’s a lot of guys with “traits” of being a line wrecker, but nobody whose been completely dominant. A lot of them are projections where they’re big DEs that are probably better suited to play inside.

Maybe use 2a on a guard that ends up falling if one actually falls that is.

I use 2a on Mauch more often than not of late, he would really help us in a bunch of different ways. Hopefully he falls that far.

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1a) Jalen Carter, DT
1b) Brian Branch, DB
2a) Witherspoon, Forbes, Gonzalez CB
2b) Washington TE Georgia

  1. Sewell LB or Tillman WR or Battle SS or Mazi Smith NT
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1a. Carter
1b. Branch
2a. Forbes
2b. Schmitz/Mauch
3a. Charbonnet

I went 3 rounds…sue me.

@Lionskickarse updated dream draft

1a) Jailin Carter DT
1b) Ocyrus Torrence RG or Bijan Robinson RB
2a) Ringo/Forbes CB
2b) Washington TE
3) Battle/Brown S
5) Martin/Rush CB
6) Winters LB
6b) Pace/Horton Edge

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1 - DT Jalen Carter
1b - CB Christian Gonzalez
2 - G Ocyrus Torrence
2b - S/NB Sydney Brown
3 - DE Adetomiwa Adebawore
5 - RB Dewayne McBride
6 - TE Payne Durham
6b - WR Charlie Jones


Love these first three. I’d prefer Darnell Wright as a RG and Tyjae Spears

Or maybe pass on RB till round 3 and add Darnell Washington in the second.

Can you imagine running behind a right side of:

Ragnow, Wright, Sewell and Washington … :scream:

1a. Gonzalez
1b. Witherspoon
2a. Mauch
2b. Benton
3. Adebawore

Then I’d really hope one of Spears, Keaton Mitchell, Kendre Miller, Roschon, McBride, Abanikanda or maybe Eric Gray fell to our 5th round pick. Seems unlikely now but it’s a deep class and some RBs are gonna fall.