Your first Lions game?

Hey all, just thought it would be interesting to read about other poster’s first time watching our favorite team in person.

For me it was the 2000 season when we beat the Falcons at home 13-10. My grandma had surprised me and my brother with tickets for my birthday earlier in the month. To say I was ecstatic and counting down the days would be an understatement lol. Though was a bit concerning as me, my brother, and my grandma’s flight from Charlotte to Detroit was delayed a bit, but we made it in the end lol. Still one of the best experiences of my life even now. Also, our pregame meal at Buddy’s was delicious. Still best pizza I have ever had!

How about ya’ll?


I saw Barry go off for 220 yards against green bay in the 90s. I forget the year. But we either played GB back to back or there was one game inbetween. We lost away but won at home.


1982, can’t remember if it was Dallas, or the 9’ers. Don’t really remember much about the game. I was sober.

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Packers @ Lions playoff game, Favre to Sharpe. 90% of the board knows this story. Glad your day went a lot better.


How could I forget, the date was Dec. 29, 1957, our championship year! I just happened to be in the first trimester within my mothers womb. Was born in early June '58.

Must be some sort of bad karma record…


late 90’s at the Silverdome…my mom’s friend was going anyway , she let me go with him I was too young to remember much. We were playing Dallas , the seats were high enough up you couldn’t make out faces…people were yelling and screaming , I don’t remember the score. went to concessions and got a pair of Lions WR gloves and a soda…we went home.

last one was when Air took me to a game with his family…it was a good time ! @ Ford Field.

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October 8th, 1995 10 am Sherman, Michigan. My best friend and I were roommates working and going to college, renting a house with no tv. Trying to figure out where to watch the game, and I say, “Want to go?”

Tearing down the highways and byways, we made it the Pontiac Silverdome at 1pm! A friendly scalper saw us, and we scored two tickets for $40 on the Visitors sideline 30 yard line, 6 rows from the field to watch our 1-3 Detroit Lions take on the Cleveland Browns!

The Lions CRUSHED the Browns! Barry ran wild for 157 and 3TD’s. Herman Moore had 125 yards receiving and Brett Perriman reeled in 2 TD’s.

For a poor kid from the northern lower peninsula, it was quite a treat, and the first of many games seen at the Silverdome. Fun Fact, the Lions won every…single…game I saw in person at the Silverdome, including the very last one they played there against the Cowboys.

Not so Fun Fact. I have never seen them win once at Ford Field.

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Mine was Chiefs vs Lions at Ford Field in 2011. This was game 4 of the 5-0 run, and the Lions absolutely throttled the Chiefs. I remember the Lions going for the TD on 4th down in a blowout game and wondering why the Lions were running up the score. Then I saw the stories and remembered the Chiefs reported the Lions for “tampering” because of a comment Gunther Cunningham made and lost a draft pick over it. That turned this became a bigtime revenge game for the Lions.

I was very much hoping to see the Lions when they were scheduled to come to Arrowhead, but that game was moved to London. Good thing too, because the Lions got throttled and that game led to the firing of Mayhew and Tom Lewand.


Not sure. I think it was a game in the Silverdome when the Bears took the overtime kickoff and ran it back for a TD. Somewhere in that time frame.

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Don’t remember day or opponent, but it was at Tiger Stadium, sometime mid-60s. Eventually got season tickets 69-71, moved to NY in 72. Saw some terrific Thanksgiving games, particularly beating KC & Oakland. But also saw Chuck Hughes die on the field.


Dec 6, 1982… Monday night football against the jets at the silverdome

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12-11-2011 vs the Vikings.

It was a cool game bc I took my dad and his two brothers, my cousin and my nephew to the game. It was the only game out of like 5 where stafford didn’t throw fit 370 or more (227) but it had drama and excitement up until the final buzzer. It was the game ponder got hurt and Webb came in and we needed a cliff avril sack and fumble to pull out the win at the goal line.

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The year 1980
The opponent Minnesota Vikings.

I was at a Boy Scout Camp retreat and was called to the office from breakfast by a scout leader. Thinking I’m in trouble for something, I walk into the scout leaders office and my parents are standing there. I figure I’m in big trouble for something. Parents wouldn’t say why they were there just that we had to go. I get in the truck and my mind is racing. What did I do. I’m in deep trouble because no one’s telling me anything.

Turns out my parents had gotten some free tickets to the Lions game and decide to pick me up on the way to the Silverdome as a surprise. They didn’t tell me what was going on until we came into Detroit.

The Lions won making them 4-0 on the season and Billy Sims tore it up for 150+ yards. I was a fan before that but that game cemented it for me.


1985….Lions 26, Cowboys 21 at the Silverdome

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I seem to remember it was my 5, 6th birthday in Sept 1973. It was maybe the 1st or 2nd pre-season game or start of the new season. It was at the Silverdome!

It was against the Bengals. I took a best friend and he had on a Bengals sweatshirt. When he showed up my dad said if he wasn’t going with us he had to change the shirt. My mom yelled, and said, “he’s just a kid, he wants to wear that shirt, then that’s it!” Pops was not happy. But no problem! No idea if Ken Anderson took it to us not.

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It was a preseason game vs the Bengals in 96. I’d just got my license a couple weeks before. A buddy of mine and I got free tickets. We never made it to the game. We got into an accident on the way. I should have seen that for the sign it was and picked a new team. Lol

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October 14, 1974, Monday Night game vs. 49ers, final season held in Tiger Stadium.

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