Your not going to beat Erin when he has help

above that? we KNEW we weren’t going to win many games this season and GB is tough enough without the officials-especially when your pretty much built like an expansion team right now.

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Peyton and Eli were even ragging on the officials for the “intentional grounding” bullshit. Like they could tell where Goff was trying to throw the ball when his arm got hit? No!




It’s like the refs were like

Ref 1: should we call this a fumble? i really wanna see Rodgers score again

Ref 2: hmmm that might be a tad blatant and I don’t want to get overruled. let’s call it intentional grounding. It still fucks the Lions but not as much

Ref 1: Good call, but I’m definitely going to fuck them on a PI and holding later

Ref 2: Duh



This is an ownership issue

If you believe this is a thing

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I’ve really liked what I’ve seen this year with Sheila taking over. The product on the field looks the same but everything else has been different in a good way. Holmes looks like he nailed this draft. He has great support. If he keeps drafting well this is a whole different team in two years. The only question then will be the coaching staff. Lots of what if’s but at least she’s doing things different than her parents did.

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I’d be full on had she been able to execute her plan to bring Calvin into fold but I’m glad she’s “trying”

But as it relates to refs and league issues

If one believes lions are unfairly treated by the refs by design or conspiracy

Then it’ll be on Sheila to end that rather than accept the revenue share checks.
That’s if it’d a conspiracy.

Why does it have to be a conspiracy to be true? Being true is the only thing that matters, and it needs to stop. And Dan has to do his part by winning. Winning helps alot.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s simple.

  1. NFL is in the business of making money.
  2. NFL makes more money when the teams with bigger fan bases are winning.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the packers and cowboys and steelers get more calls than teams like the Lions.

It’s also why Stafford is going to win this year. Big Market new Stadium. If you think the Rams are going to fail this year…truth is he is the same player.

Unfortunately it’s never going to change.

We can just continue to bitch.


the Intentional grounding call ticked me off , but Goff got face masked at least one time …no call/no penalty at all, that really pissed me off !


That’s why … if true I see it as ownership issue because only an owner could stop it.

@wesleysh21 I said if you believe it’s a conspiracy then it’s an ownership issue but even if not a conspiracy , if the team is unfairly treated by the refs , who else but an owner could call it out ?

Even if it’s judt lousy reffing or bias , that’s not supposed to happen. We as fans never see ref grades but an owner has access.

OK, but that literally makes it a conspiracy. A conspiracy is just an action that a group of people collaborate on perpetrating in secret. /semantics

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I’m going to rapidly lose confidence in DC of he doesn’t start calling this shit out to the refs

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It’s going to take some culture changes to correct it. Sheila will have to figure that out, and it may take similar effort to get that righted that it took to get the coaching staff right.

Right now, I’m thinking ppl are not going to take it as seriously, because we suck so bad. We are not likely to win anyway, at this point. That stuff is going to start matting way more, and soon. We’ve sucked so bad in the past that national audiences will most likely view us as whining Lions fans that are being pissy because they have lost for decades. It’s going to take the entire staff, ownership, and possibly some national pundits to get it right.

There’s probably some sort of agreement that owners have that they dont’ go public with stuff like that, and that they send complaints internally.

I’d be finding a way for it to leak. Give a ton of attention to it. A “random fan” ends up putting outs lowlight videos of it and breaking down every hold/non hold, every PI/non PI call…all roughing calls, and non roughing calls, etc.

This sort of pressure may cause the league to actually avoid wanting the scrutiny.
Ownership and coaching staff directly addressing it would be incredibly helpful as well, but I’m not sure that’s enough at this point.

Let me be the voice of contrariness…

Sheila F

-Hired coach that reports directly to her. Not GM, not Minister Without Portfolio Spielman, but her.

Franchise QB sees new coach, GM and promptly says he wants out

-Calvin very publicly bitch slapped us during the HOF off-season festivities and lately again

The team has gone from slow fat flaming garbage to slightly less slow fat hot garbage with less talent but more beans.

Defensive personnel somehow is worse than under Fat Arrogant Turd and SmaaaahtGuy.

I propose we are at this stage w Sheila

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Until proven otherwise.


It’s like when the narrative changed to Martha wanting a winner and being all in about it

But in reality , isn’t that a lot of stamina to ask of a 90 yr old to be guiding winning light and drive franchise ? To participate in the most important league committees, etc

That Sheila got some attention from
Nfl in getting to help a committee might be a step

But these favored teams , outside of GB with no owner , all have very high profile involved in league issues owners …

Then we get back to Calvin situation and fans ask what can she do , just break a rule ? I’m like , yea … the other owners who really want their stuff done seem to break the rules and risk the penalty.

I feel like Martha’s full term as ownership should’ve been working with Sheila to mentor / prepare her for taking over. Perhaps it was but after she was named owner ,
Her quote made it sound like she’s still was learning the place , meeting the people …

And to top off all thst

Not even sure she has much of a personal relationship with Matt or Calvin. If she had personal relationship with Calvin , I feel that would be the easiest path to get him on board.

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I can see this , along with why they keep ref grades quiet

But there’s a lot of money and eyes on the game. Unless organized crime is in on the fix , seems super risky of the owners to sell games as fair and then fix the outcomes. It’s not out of realm of possibility but , it could bring everything down.

A system that supports inconsistent reffing , keeps info private —- that I think is what’s going on over outright fixed games.
When I watch other games , I see other questionable calls. It’s not just lions

And poor teams do tend to play sloppier and have more penalties.

When flowers gets flagged for hands to face and it’s close , aren’t players expected to adjust play to how refs call game ?

Another example on ref grading is

We don’t have an idea of how many missed calls are made a game on average.

Anyways if it’s unfair and systematic , it’s still an ownership issue to solve.

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I could be wrong, but I believe Stafford-wants-out rumors began well before anyone was hired. It was the very clear reality that we were entering a massive rebuild that soured him on Detroit, not who they hired.

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Stafford’s house went on the market before Dumb Thing 1 and Dumb Thing 2 were fired, then went back off.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to think he was done with Detroit at that point, but was told to keep it on the DL and they’d take care of him in the offseason.