Your plan to fix the safety position next year

I think they pay Walker unless it’s crazy. We save $1 million cutting Harris, not that much in the scheme of things but might need it for other contracts. I believe the safety class is deeper than the LB class, so with no trades we should be looking at the top of the 3rd. First 3 are DE, WR and LB, yeah I’m sorry but QB isn’t on my radar until late and even then it’s for a backup with ceiling that may develop because I see replacing our backups to be far more of a need than replacing our starter right now.

I’ve been paying attention to Jalen Pitre, Baylor, since they beat Iowa State in September. He’s the real deal. Baylor players on the whole have been under the radar, but this is a guy I really like. Currently as low as #49 by CBS, and as high as #174 by Draft Countdown. I like him at #66 and signing some FA depth guys.

They are not releasing Harris even if you don’t like him. They like him a lot so forget that part of your idea.


Jaquan Brisker in the 2nd.


I don’t care about Harris either way, I just pointed out what it cost to keep him. I do have a question for you, what is it about his game that makes you think that I need to incorrectly, “forget that part of your idea.”?

For the life of me I don’t know why Brisker has risen up so high. He’s a solid player, but what elevates him?

Jessie Bates or Marcus Williams…with Harris

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Harris is a depth backup. He is the definition of a 30 year old dull swiss army knife with 2 tools snapped off.

They either re-sign Walker or bring in a FA as a starter and draft 2 safeties, one no later than 2.34


You think Jessie Bates makes it to the open market

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So if they re-sign Walker, who do you like?

Well the cost first of a guy who right now has played solid. Stats a 47 solo tackles…A forced Fumble…a half a sack…You want to resign Walker so do I but stats this year 48 solo tackles an one sack…

I mean you can pick out single mistakes but when you look at game stats he has done the job. He also has been use as CB an done ok when we got hit hard by injuries an virus.

So you asked why i just told you why he will stay a lion an he does play ST also…So you want for some reason to cut him lose to save a million an replace him with what?

Make moves that help team but don’t make them to create a HOLE. to save mainly base salary.

Has he made mistake he sure has now i ask you what NFL player has not made mistakes?

I don’t do this for a living, the people that do will make those decisions. If there’s something they like about Harris, like I said, not much in today’s world to keep him. If they keep him, clearly, there’s something there that the staff feels they can work with OR it isn’t worth going into the unknown. The “Hole” is clearly there, if you are claiming it isn’t then I am prepared for a different conversation.

Hill or Brisket.

I meant to type that . I love Brisket.


Why, I mean I assume you mean Brisker and yes we all love Brisket but why? I’m just not seeing it that high and don’t know what separates him from the pack.

I really like Jalen Pitre but I have a feeling his stock is just gonna keep rising through the pre-draft process.

I think PSU guys under this regime have a good chance of elevating their play in the pros. Hill I’d take before him though, fo sho

There’s plenty of people who agree with you, including me. I just don’t know if Hill is even still there with our 2nd pick. If you look at recent history, he should be, in fact he should be there in the 2nd when we pick. 2018 was the “outlier” with 3 safeties taken in the first round. 2020 none in the first and 4 taken in the 2nd. 2021 none in the first and 3 in the 2nd. I agree with people who don’t want Hamilton in a trade down scenario unless it’s just too good to be true. This, IMO, is a deep draft for safeties you just don’t need to jump up to get one. It isn’t a deep draft for LB’s, again IMO, so get the value. I believe that this draft is 6 or 7 deep in safeties that I like.

I have Marcus Williams as a top 4-7 safety either position in the league.

He’s a free agent, he’s familiar with Campbell and Glenn, and this isn’t the Drew Brees Saints anymore…

I will argue to the death that POSITIONAL VALUE IS OVERRATED! Do I think taking a safety or TE top 10 is silly? Yes… mostly because so few become impact players.

Kelce, Kittle, Andrew, Gronk… ???

Simmons, Fitzpatrick, Matthieu, Baker, and I’d throw M Williams in there….

Since a guy entering his prime- top 4-7 at his position is available, that’s the guy I’m offering 5 years and 65M with some backload.

I bet Walker takes 4 years and 24M and we keep Harris and another sub 1.0M guy.

Then we can draft a CB top 66 picks. Our ILB, CB, and RB and WR rooms are so cheap we can have a bit invested at a pair of 26 year old safeties.

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i think at his age they offer him slightly above what he is making now—he will make a decent low priced back up when we find a replacement for him----me thinks

Little chance of it happening but I really wouldn’t mind trading down a bit and getting Kyle Hamilton. I have wanted an elite safety on this team since Blades left. I know some posters are down on him but to me he looks like a stud. Not to mention with the extra draft assets we may be able to get another elite player.


I think the Lions spend $ on the safety position. I think we lock down Tracy Walker and we sogn Marcus Williams.

We can do that on 2022 as we are not spending much on the CB position group. BUT…that changes as CB Amani O. is a free agent in 2023. I think we can afford a high priced safety (Marcus Williams) and a moderately priced Tracy Walker as we will not be spending much past AO in 2023 as Okudah is still on a rookie deal.

We are also not paying any LBers huge $ and that helps field a solid safety position group.

Pay Walker solid but not stupid $ and pay Williams over $10 million/year as that is the tag rate. That is still cheaper than a top CB. Lock AO down now and do that to get some kind of hometown deal by locking him down early.