Your top 10 sports movies?

  1. The Natural
  2. Rocky I–the original
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. Miracle
  5. Rocky 2
  6. Million Dollar Baby
  7. For Love of the Game
  8. Remember the Titans
  9. Friday Night Lights
  10. Hoosiers

The Natural
Field of Dreams
For the Love of the Game
Original - Longest Yard - Burt Reynolds version.
Breaking Away
Tin Cup
Caddy Shack
Water Boy

No way in hell can I just go ten.

  1. Breaking Away
  2. Hoop Dreams
  3. Murderball
  4. The Wrestler
  5. Hoosiers
  6. Slap Shot
  7. Rocky
  8. Cinderella Man
  9. Pride of the Yankees
  10. Bend It Like Beckham
  11. The Longest Yard ('74)
  12. The Karate Kid
  13. Eight Men Out
  14. A League of Their Own
  15. Without Limits
  16. Moneyball
  17. Chariots of Fire
  18. Caddyshack
  19. Major League
  20. The Bad News Bears ('76)

Hon. Men. - Goon
Hon. Men. - Miracle

Top ten complete shit sports movies (I’ll get flack for this):

  1. Semi-Pro
  2. Days of Thunder
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. BASEketball
  5. Ladybugs
  6. The Water Boy
  7. Mr. Baseball
  8. Remember the Titans
  9. The Replacements
  10. Stroker Ace

Dishon. Men. - The Legend of Bagger Vance
Dishon. Men. - Blades of Glory

** - Didn’t add sequels or remakes because everyone knows they are worthless.

Yeah, I guess Caddyshack is technically a sports movie. Forgot about that one.

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This is the list, and it is indisputable

Bull Durham
Ford v Ferrari
The Cutting Edge
Cinderella Man
The Natural
Tin Cup

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These 3 are pure comedy set on sports and I loved them…but I struggle to call them “Sports Movies”
Bad News Bears - Original

So I would have to go

  1. Hoosiers ( really a 5 way tie for 1st because these 5 are truly in a class by themselves to me)

  2. Miracle

  3. Remember The Titans

  4. Rocky

  5. Brian’s Song - Original (Even if it is about the Bears I cry every time when Billy Dee gives his acceptance speech…every…single…time…I just teared up a little typing this)

  6. Longest Yard - The Original of course even though the Adam Sandler version was funny

  7. For The Love of the Game

  8. Field of Dreams

  9. The Natural

  10. McFarland, USA - A real sleeper that I never expected to draw me in as much as it did. I mean X-Country…who knew I could love a movie about X-Country

Honorable Mention…Rudy even though I can’t stand ND

Movies based on real stories tend to get bonus points from me so that affects my rankings

Cutting Edge, Vision Quest, and Cinderella Man all worthy of consideration. Hoosiers was in my original top 10 draft. It could knock Eight Men Out out of the top 10.

I forgot Bull Durham…I guess I need a “Top 11” :slight_smile:

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Haha…you know I was kidding on The Cutting Edge…just seeing if anybody actually paid attention.

But I kind of agree. In some weird way, Cutting Edge is a good lesson on sports.

My sister loved that movie when we were kids. Played it over and over and over.

The Pamchenko!

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Bull Durham & Major League struck me as somewhat similar entertaining movies, but neither top 10 worthy.

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That was an excellent movie. Same true story genre as Friday Night Lights.

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I had a hard time deciding what is considered a “sports” movie. Like is Jerry Maguire a sports movie (I said no). But fun list.

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I really liked Friday Night Lights the TV Series. For a network TV series it was highly bingeable. It didn’t hurt that Minka Kelly and Adrianne Palicki were in it either. I mean you have to take it for what it is (a teen/family drama) but it was decent. Had some football in it.

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Jerry Maguire is almost a chick flick.

Seriously…the book was outstanding. I read it long before the movie or TV show came out and I am soooooo glad I did. Like many book/movie pairs the movies are better if you know the details provided in the book that they never could have time to go into. And if you see the movie first it is harder to make yourself read the book later

True. Its funny because almost every girl I know hates that damn movie. They find it insulting how Jerry treats Renee Zellweger. Its all about Jerry in that movie.

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Interesting. I’ve never read the book. I thought the TV series was better than the movie. Great cast.

Remember the Titans
The Sandlot
Varsity Blues
The Air Up There
Little Giants
The Waterboy
The Program
A League of Their Own
The Grid Iron Gang
Little Big League
Happy Gilmore
Rookie of the Year
The Replacements

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