Your true accent

Your real Michigan accent comes out when you are half in the bag and you fix the belt on the lawnmower…

Da itsha goinnn rite naaaow ya.

Nate:I am not sure how to find da off topic tag ?

Seriously it’s not possible to be more off topic. @Nate

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Been so long since i lived in Michigan.

Do you all still use the term “Pop”?

Do you all still call the night before Halloween “Devils Night”?

Do you still play “Euchre”?


All my life.
Yes, yes, yes.

If you use 2s&3s and not 5s to score euchre, you’re from Ohio. The exit is that way…


I can’t even understand my Step-Dad. He has the deep finnish Yooper accent.

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I’m a uniquely cursed lions fan who has literally zero connections to Detroit, or Michigan, except for this franchise.


Pop? Yes
Devil’s night? Not where I’m from on the west side.
Euchre? All dang winter.


lol, never even knew it existed until I moved to Michigan. And when introduced to it, I said “oh so kind of like Spades”. Apparently Euchre players are very sensitive to this topic because it was not received well.

Well fine, I’ll just play Spades then. Been playing that since I was 15.


Probably something like this… :rofl:

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In Canada, I can confirm yes to all of those!

Also, you better have a 24 in the fridge and mickey in the cupboard.

I’ve been given some major shit about my accent…it’s just certain words. I don’t know how to exactly explain it, but with some words it sounds like I’m adding a Y to the enunciation. Like instead of saying talent…it sounds like I say tyalent. For our Canadian members…I say Cyanada

The one I get the most hell over is Dammit. Next to any version of shit, it’s a favorite go to, quick trigger expletive that I use more regularly than I should.

and I tend to say it in a long drawn out way…Dyyyyyaaammmmiittttt!!!


When I lived in a different state, they told me they knew I was from Michigan because I extended my vowels when I spoke.


Everyone has an accent as seen from another part of the country.


I get the same experience in Kansas City with people pointing out my Northern accent. I’ve been told it’s most prevalent when I say the word “on”. We say it as “ahn”.

I still maintain you can spot the Michiganders, because they all immediately call out the Ohio accent, which we know all too well. No one else cares to notice it.

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Michiganders love the word “yet” (which adds nothing to meaning of a question but we throw it in there anyway).

Have you gone to the store?
Have you gone to the store yet?


post of the day

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I understand that as everyone else is wrong.


Bro - no shit…I’ve been ranked as high as 2nd in the world …twice!

App is called Euchre 3-D.
Play against humans from other lands! Not sure if I’m representing MI, FL, or both…but I’m representing like a MF’r!

75,000 ppl on there.


Yep, you out to see me talking to my neighbor down here
He’s 77 and lived here in the same house his whole life
We have some interesting conversations and his wife just laughs at us

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You should go to south central PA
They end their sentence with All when describing something is empty or gone
I asked for chocolate chip ice cream one day and the counter person told me it was all
I asked all what?
She we don’t have anymore


I’m an Ohioan, and i’ve always used 6’s and 4’s.