Your ultimatums?

For me, if this team doesn’t go 8-8 minimum, I’m signing off. 3rd year coach. Helluvalotta talent. No excuses left. If excuses remain despite another losing season, I’ll choose not to hear them, or not to think that the FO can do ANYTHING differently than they always have.

I know. None of us wants to be the fool to have stopped watching the Lions the very year that they advance into the playoffs and beyond. That’s the psychology. It’s not going to be me anymore.

If this team can’t put it together this year, they never will. Not in my lifetime. This team has about as much talent as any I’ve seen with the Lions, as much as its possible to say that with COVID stipulations.

If they fall short this year, but enter the playoffs in fifteen years, I’ll watch then. I’ll bask in the fair weather knowing the decades I put in for this team. But I’m not going to put myself through a dastardly rally of optimism, anymore - if this team can’t produce.

Like I’ve said before, I’ll be watching the first four games of this season hard. If I don’t see the IT factor, I’m out for the season. There must be better ways to use my time.

Do you have ultimatums? Am I being fatuous? Will you be here year after year no matter how leadership appears to be guiding this team?

Of our first 4 games, a loss in this game will make me highly impatient.

Three things for certain in My Life…Death. Taxes & I WILL BE WATCHING THE LIONS GAME win , loss or tie , for better or worse until death do us part .

Ultimatum’s are for the Wife … Leave my deep fryer oil alone , Don’t let your girlfriends touch my kegerator/keep them out of my Man Cave and it’s starting …The next 17 Sundays are all mine, the other 35 Sundays I’m all yours… unless GOD willing I need 21 Sundays . :wink:


I get your go down with the Titanic aspirations. And respect it.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I know I spend too many hours following Lion’s stuff that goes unrequited. I gave up unrequited love a long time ago.

Maybe I’m lying and I’ll spend the remainder of my life looking for a silver lining in a barrel of shit. But I hope not.

And I hope this is the year that the Lions convince me not to reach for despair.

Because I will if they can’t put the product on the field.

And I’m not saying anything dramatic. I’m just saying that my will to navigate the world with a happiness-mind - will reject the Lions if they can’t put a good product on the field that they also know how to manage.

It is sports, not real life so the Lions winning or losing only affect my emotional state watching the game. Sure, it can be upsetting or euphoric but it doesn’t change my real life either way. I enjoy football and the Lions are my team that I aligned myself with when I was young,

I would think if backing a winning team is a really important thing in your life, then I suggest you step away, you might not have the constitution of being a resilient fan and would prefer to be a bandwagon fan who finds they an only enjoy the game if you support a winning team.

And if any fan does end up bailing, just keep this in mind, we will still be fans. And this isn’t an airport, no need to announce your departure.

Go Lions!


Win or lose I am a lions fan. To the level I dedicate a Sunday afternoon to watching varies on their current level of suckage.


Is there really that much talent there? I don’t see a lot of positions where the Lions are top 10 in the league. Their top position when ranked against other NFL teams is Kicker, and most teams have guys that can hit the long FGs and are super accurate from inside the 40. I don’t see the talent dripping over from the Dline, LBing crew, and Dbacks.

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Would love 2 join u. Just hate crying alone!

none , I’m a lifer.


I will watch the team no matter what. But with each losing year I seem to become more and more of a Panthers fan.

As far as “ultimatums,” I can not support 8-8. He doesnt get credit for turning the team into a dumpster fire, then having a year thats less of a dumpster fire. He took over a 9-7 team with a franchise QB. Had Quinn switched coaches i could accept 8-8. But to me he put all his chips into this year. Coaches who don’t win by their 3rd year do not win with that team in the modern NFL, and keeping him is a waste of everbodys time. And since Quinn has dumb enough to keep him, I would want him gone too.

If the Lions finish 8-8 I would be surprised. I am looking at a 4-12 or 5-11 type of season. If they come out and get manhandled by the Bears today and the players aren’t ready to play, this shitty regime should be fired by week 3, but the Fords will keep them the entire year and bring them back next year since they will still have multiple years left on their contract.

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To start, let’s not have Trubisky go ham on our D, AGAIN…if that happens today, that’s my first ultimatum…which would play into my main overall ultimatum: dont have the worst D in the league, with zero pass rush again…at least be avg…the HC is a f*%#ing defensive guru right? Bottom of the barell D = pink slip for some ppl…

I will be back next year like always. My expectations for this team is that they will be awful. The Lions could have a pro bowl roster and I would still expect them to lose because Patricia is the coach. He is THE WORST head coach in Lions history And the worst HC in the NFL.

If the Lions win and do well it’s a huge surprise for me and I’m happy. If the Lions do terrible it’s exactly what I expected, and will hopefully be progress towards the Lions getting a new regime. As a fan, I understand that only one team can win the Super Bowl. I just want this team to be enjoyable to watch, put out a great effort, play hard and tough, and be competitive… and this Lions product under Patricia is a disgrace. I am in the best spot as a fan right now because I will no longer be upset if they lose. It’s expected.


How do you know?

I will watch, as long as the sport is clean and pure in nature. I quit watching NBA because they stack the deck for certain teams, and it turned into big-time wrestling. If this happens in football, I’ll be out. The officiating feels like it’s becoming more and more biased.

If it gets too bad, I’ll leave it. Where is my tipping point? I haven’t found it yet, or I wouldn’t be here.

As long as the game is clean and untainted, I’m with this school of thought^^^

This is my favorite day of the year. I made a huge batch of homemade mac’n’cheese. My buddy is a master griller and has been smoking the brisket for hours already. there will be 13 of us getting together, and I’ll be surrounded with people I love, on a beautiful, lake-front property. Tons of amazing connection with people who are rooting for the lions, following their fantasy stats, pick 'em leagues, etc.

If you don’t chew Big Red…then fuck you. :wink:

Love you, fellas - Enjoy opening day!


Hell yeah, I’m making my spectacular chili-mac…chili’s been on since 7am, then I make this awesome slow cooker mac n chz, then laddle the chili over the top, good shit…I just hope the Lions dont make my gullet regret it by halftime😓

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Lions fans crack me up ! "IF The LIONS don’t do XYZ …well I’m done . " but Look how long they haven’t gotten it done and your still here…and MANY of you are older than I am (47).

When they went 0-16 you stayed , When they but up a 3 to 6 win season?? , you stayed. YET if they go 8-8 THAT’s unacceptable ?

Going on Matt P , I don’t even count his first season …It was going to suck BECAUSE he was never a HC…but man people were so surprised at that !
2019 fell apart due to injury and defensive issues.
2020? who knows but now MP has some defensive help…

No real ultimatums. I’ll watch the whole season and be back next year regardless if we’re 2-14 or 8-8. We have some talent that I will enjoy watching this year. A new head coach will give me a little recharge going forward. I’m expecting an 8-8 season and everyone will be fired.

If they are stinking up the 1st half, I’m going to the cider mill.


It does go against the nature of fandom to create ultimatums. I have already earned the Fair Weather Fan badge, here. In airport/travel lingo, that makes me a snow bird. I’m self critical about the amount of time I give to a flopping franchise. I’m clearly not a glory-chaser, football-wise. Wouldn’t be here in the first place if I was.

Stafford in his prime with a lot a weapons, a defense that could/should only improve after their performance last year - it ain’t unfair to have standards for this team.

Ay - if they go .500 or beyond this year, they could win me over for the next decade. That’s my wish, because I enjoy being a fan of the Detroit Lions. If they’re south of that - they’ll be like family members that I have to regard with a 10-foot pole because they’re toxic. This isn’t an airport, or my therapist, but I’ve managed to make it both.

That said, let’s launch another decade of fandom today! :flight_departure:

Win…or else I’ll say Win again next week.

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I think being emotionally invested and overly optimistic year after year will give the ultimate reward when the Lions do win.

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