Yury Walker vs Kavon Thibodeaux

Looks like this will be the debate for the #2 overall pick. Both are freak athletes who show above 9.7 RAS scores.

When I look at production (not tape), it quite honestly isn’t even close. Thibodeaux is WAY more disruptive with tackles for loss and sacks. I fully understand that Walker and Thibs played different styles but are we not looking for someone who can get to the QB? Walker played on a defense that is absolutely loaded with 7 guys getting drafted this year and 5 additional guys getting drafted next year. I say that because he wasn’t getting double teamed, in fact, he played next to Davis, so he actually had favorable matchups. Thibs on the other hand, had every teams full attention.

I really don’t care if Travon is different and weird. Give me someone who can actually pressure the QB and I will be happy. Thoughts?

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I don’t think production is giving you the full picture. Not that your conclusion is wrong…

You have to remember you aren’t comparing apples to apples with production because they kicked Walker inside a lot, plus even when he was outside he didn’t always pin his ears back and go after the QB. In some instances he was in a four point stance on the edge which is absurd almost (for comparison reasons).

I am really at the point in this draft where I just have my opinions and hope Holmes picks well. He has access to things I do not.

Yury Walker?..

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When I watch tape, I go super slow motion to see who is getting off the line the quickest. Walker is literally the last to move on Georgia d-line. Hutch and Thibs are like a full step ahead of their d-line mates. Seems to be a big correlation to getting to the QB. Watch the same thing with Chase Young. Extremely quick first step and timing the snap count. Watch Walkers tape, he has neither of those traits, despite being a freak athlete.


part of that is scheme and responsibilities… many of those plays are run plays and he is reading and reacting.

It’s another case of apples and oranges.

He is plenty quick when rushing….

I also noticed this. He seemed to be literally hesitating, so i wondered if it was intentional and part of the scheme. Like he was waiting for a stunt to develop.
Big question with Walker is whether he can be a dominant pass rusher. He wasnt asked to do it at UGA whereas Hutch and KT and Johnson were.

Yeah, interesting observation.
Phunnypharm’s tweet basically showed how slow he was to react…but to be honest the DE’s were even slower.
You have to be able to get off when the ball is snapped to be successful. Kaivyon definitely doesn’t have this issue…but Tavon brings some other assets that Kaivyon doesn’t as well.

I think he’s watching the O-linemen instead of the ball.
Like everyone is moving but him. Very odd…but fixable.

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