Zach Wilson’s bright spots can’t hide fact he doesn’t look like franchise QB

I think he is an off script QB who will never be able to play within the script of plays consistently. So he will live or die based on whether someone puts him in that kind of a scheme, or whether they try to force him into being something that he is not.

I think he could do well with the Chiefs under Andy Reid, or with Bruce Arians “no risk it, no biscuit” style offense.


He has elite arm talent, but not much else to go with it.

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Sounds like Brett Favre.


Reminds me of early Stafford, but without Calvin on the receiving end of the 50/50 balls.

True, but the Jets have two good WRs in Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore. It’s not like Wilson is playing with Tom Kennedy and Khalif Raymond.

I would happily sign him as a developmental QB. Let him learn from MCDC and Ben with no pressure to play.


I’m stuck in uncertainty, not knowing how many times talents like Wilson are failed by coaching and how many times it’s just because the QB can’t develop the precision required to play at this level. With Wilson, you almost want to see him paired with different coaches just to see.


He has no idea how to live in a pocket. His steps are to inconsistent and he sets too far back so that the de’s are pushed by the tackles right into him. 3 step drop and throw or 5 step drop and throw with him is 6-7 steps and look and scramble. Roll him out and he can be successful with his ability but keep him in pocket and he sucks. Why they changed offense for the guy who came in when they should have ran more of that type of offense for him already. That staff sucks

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It’s certainly not looking good for him at the moment but his story might still be evolving.

Drafting a QB high is probably at best a 50/50 proposition.

I remember some talking heads comparing Wilson to Aaron Rodgers favorably during his draft cycle.

Such a hard position to scout.

There were a pundit or two (maybe Simms???) that put Wilson over Lawrence as he draft was nearing.

yep trade a 6th or 7th for him. kid is athletic and has a good arm, he just needs the proper coaching.

I would think about it but with brad that 6th may be a starting defender

He can run. At worst you could use him like the bears do with fields. He’s not as fast but he has decent speed.

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you mean…A TIGHT END???

I’d flip a late round pick for him. Honestly. With the way Goff is playing, Wilson would do exceptionally well to sit and learn under people like Goff, Johnson and especially Mark Brunell.

I’ve said this before: he didn’t forget how to throw a football. And it’s become abundantly clear that the Jets have not handled his issues well. They’ve done a shit job of coaching him.


No. A running back that occasionally throws.

It also sounds like he needs to mature a bit as well. A couple years on the bench should help him grow up a bit. It’ll also be beneficial for him to get away from New York media. Although the free press isn’t much better.

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The difference between the NY and Detroit media is immense. He could hide out and develop in Detroit just fine.

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Oh no doubt. I was making a similarity because of the free press’s propensity for writing hit pieces and click bait articles with biased agendas.

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