Zack Zenner is a baller

And anyone who says different is an idiot. So he isn’t an RB1, doesn’t have RB1 talent but he doesn’t get paid RB1 money either so what’s your problem? The guy runs hard, blocks well, catches balls out of the backfield and plays well on ST. This guy should be on the team next year, end of story.

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Not sure that’s how a quality discussion begins.


Totally agree with the productivity and effectiveness aspect. He is the best “value” the Lions have on the team.
He will never out run or juke too many NFL defenders, but he will almost always find a crease and move forward without losing yardage. That is huge but not sexy.


True, but anybody that thinks Zenner is not a baller isn’t a candidate for a quality discussion anyway.

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Zach Zenner is the anti-Dwayne Washington. Washington had great speed and athleticism, but no vision. Zenner lacks the elite measureables that Washington has/had, but makes up for it with brains and vision. Plus he’s a strong runner that doesn’t go down easily.

He always seems to find the right hole and make the right cut. He’s never going to be elite, because he’s just not fast/quick enough. But he’s always going to be productive. Low ceiling, high floor. Perfect player to keep as a backup and special teams ace.


Nate – wise just relieved me of my duties. I’ll see myself out, as I left my gun and badge on your desk (again.)

Me too. I didn’t know Zenner was such awesomesauce.

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Bites tongue. Keeps mouth shut.

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There’s a lot you don’t know about this place …

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I’ve been a ZZ fan since we signed him and it drives me insane that our OC & the such don’t use him often enough. He’s balls out and then they just pretend that he doesn’t even exist in the second half. This has happened how many times now? What more does the dude need to do to prove his value to this team? He should be the feature back, for both halves, of the next game to really give us a show.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say he should be the feature back, but I would say he deserves at least equal PT and work out there. I think he’s the best RB pass blocker on the team and he can also catch the ball out of the backfield in addition to his running ability, which I also think is better than some suggest. On a team that employs an RBBC approach like the Lions do and should do, he oughta be a Lion for a long time IMHO.

After the Buffalo game he has a 4.9 yard per carry average for this season. I’d call that pretty fair.
To give a more complete view I think it only right to point out that has had a 4.5 ypc in both of the last 2 games.
I’d still call that pretty darn good, especially for a RB4.

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He’s RB4, which sees ST duty and backs up RB2. As a backup to RB2, he’s not bad, which makes him a good RB4.

It’s OK to want or like ZZ at RB4. That’s not the same as saying we’re ~set~ at RB with KJ and ZZ. It’s just saying that he is good enough to make a 53-man roster and if he’s beaten, the guy that does it will have to bring something to the table.

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There are only 3 teams in the NFL with higher average yards per carry than Zenner in 2018.
I’d like to post the link but apparently it’s not compatible and I just don’t care enough to pull my hair out.

If the Lions re-sign Blount and Zenner to fairly low-cost, reasonable contracts, that’s not the worst thing that could happen for the Lions in 2019. I’d still draft an RB at some point and bring him up to speed to become a legit NFL RB cuz it’s highly likely that at some point injuries will happen and you don’t want to be at the point where Buffalo was on Sunday with only one guy left. Besides, it’s my view that if the Lions can sign an FA RG guy that is better than Wiggins (how hard is that) or move Crosby over there then maybe you can go into 2019 with a better situation at OL and RB without breaking the bank. Nothing wrong with drafting an OL and an RB in the later rounds, but I see greater needs on the Lions roster that require more attention (money, draft position).

Blount at 2m or ZZ at 750k…taking ZZ and adding a guy like Miani found in Ballage in Rd 4 or 5

Yeah, it would suck to Ford in the stable.:rofl:

What is the definition of a “baller” anyways?

Cuz I think your definition might be different than others definition of a “baller”.

By my definition, he’s not a baller…he’s a good guy to have on your team but definitely not a “baller”!

Now, Kenny Golladay, he’s a baller…see the difference!!!


My definition of a baller is based on effort rather than results. Usually effort leads to results, but to my mind a baller is a guy who tries to give his best on every snap and never takes a play off. He might not win ever snap, might make a mistake once in awhile but there’s no quit in him. I want as many guys like that on my team, even if he doesn’t really have the speed or quickness.

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