Zappe expected to start

*laughs in Sam Darnold voice


I believe nothing where Belichik is concerned. Misinformation is his forte.


What is talked about in this link is a good example. There was zero chance that Mac Jones was playing last week. Zip, none, nada. He was a DNP for Wednesday and Thursday. But during a brief open media practice session on Friday, they taped the shit out of his ankle and told him to stand around for the media. He even “played catch” while not moving (because his ankle is still fucked up at this point). Now they get to list Mac as “limited practice” and the media gets to write a fluff article about how Mac Jones practiced on Friday and could be a game time decision.

I think this week is more of the same, just taken up a notch. They have him “limited practice” all week. But you can’t find an article that says anything other than he “attended” the practice and maybe did a little light catch session where he limps when he walks and doesn’t move to throw the ball. They have a QB on the practice squad. My guess is Belichick will not elevate that guy to the active roster until the last minute to keep up the charade that Mac Jones might play.

My opinion is to go all in on Zappe preparation. Even if Mac Jones were to play, he will be going out of the game with that ankle injury anyways.


I thought about picking up Zappe for my Fantasy team and starting him. I have Damien Harris already.


Yeah they must not have followed the Lions much

The question is will he break Brady’s 630 TD record in this game? Or would he have to play us one more time?


I think if we can hold Zappe to 16 completions and under 200 yards it will set us up to win the game. That’s what Darnold did. We got destroyed against the Jets because of interceptions on offense…a defense that got gashed for over 200 yards rushing…and a special teams unit that got humiliated by former Lion Andre Roberts. The last 3 scores were a 36 yard pick 6 by a Jets linebacker, a 78 yard punt return touchdown and a 62 yard run.

So basically we were unprepared for the season in literally every phase of the game, just like we looked in preseason. A few people jumped off the Fatty Matty support bus that day, and they were eventually joined by everyone else. We each just needed our own timeline to get to that place.

If the Patriots win I think it will look something like the Jets game. I don’t think it will be because Zappe suddenly turned into Mitch Seabiscuit and goes for 300+ yards and 3 TDs like he always seemed to do against Fatty Matty.

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Haha the career TD record is safe…Tom’s career high of 6 TD’s in a game is not safe at all.

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