Zenner re-signed to one year deal

4.8 yards per carry is hard to let go, especially when he wants to stay here.

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If they didn’t, I’d have been p.o.'d.

You have to love a versatile guy like this. And plays special teams.


I would’ve been pissed too. The guy can run/ catch/ block/ and he plays well on ST. Give me a break, WTF do you want for a backup RB?


And he’s intelligent. With good vision.

I can never understand why Caldwell and Lombardi ran Washington more that one year.

Zenner has stepped up every time he’s been asked to. Seems like one would give him MORE carries, but the Lions are the Lions…


Barry Sanders OSU?
Loved that quote about that backfield back in the day “That Thomas kid may be the best running back in college football but he’s not even the best rb on his team…”


This will be fun to see what he does if anything in a Bevell offense. I hope for his sake he gets some end of game carries when we are blowing out the NFC North teams.

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Happy to have ZZ Doc back!

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Nice. Another off season box checked.

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