Zero reason to panic!

This definitely is not the draft most of us had envisioned…

  1. I didn’t get my trade back, but I saw what the Giants got, and I wouldn’t have taken it.

  2. I didn’t get my guys E Moore, Bolton, or Morhrig in rd 2… but Moore was gone nearly 10 picks early, Bolton fell almost to the end of the round (and still some analysts called it a reach), and evidently some teams took Moehrig way down the board over injury concerns.

  3. It appears most don’t agree with the “positions” we invested most in, and maybe the players as well…


Guys- we had the worst defense in history last year, and it all started with DT play. Nobody got pressure, nobody ate up double teams, it was bad!

So let’s look at the roster makeup 90 days ago on the DL…

  1. Okwara- free agent

  2. Flowers- big contract, coming off injury

  3. D Shelton?- 1 year left a way too much $$$

  4. D Hand- often injured 1 year left

  5. N Williams- 1 year left, way overpaid

  6. J Okwara- 3 years left, no clue what we have yet

  7. Pensini- nice rotational run stuffer, depth, 3 years

TO REITERATE- as of a few weeks ago our 2022 depth chart at DL was Flowers, Penisini, and J Okwara- that is literally it!!!

Fast forward to Holmes and Spielman and DC

  1. Sign top DE in free agency to what I think is a reasonable 3 year deal.

  2. Trade nothing for a stud veteran DT with a great locker room presence. Got a rockers on a 3 year that is really a 2 year.

  3. Draft 2 players that were consensus top 5 DTs on almost every board. 2 guys with 4.85-4.9 speed and power, with some decent production…


  1. Okwara - 3 years 13M

  2. Flowers- 1 year before a 10M savings cut

  3. M Brockers- 2-3 years 8M per

  4. L Onzuwurike- 4 years under 1.75m

  5. A McNeil- 4 years under 1.5m

  6. D Hand-1 year prove it

  7. C Harris- 1 year prove it

  8. Penisini- 3 years cheap depth.

  9. N Williams- who know after restructure.

Could I see?

5 Tech - Brockers/D Hand
NT- A McNeil/J Penisini
DE- L Onzuwurike/N Williams/Cornell

Edge- R Okwara/J Okwara
ILB- J Collins/Tavaii
LB- Anzalone/JRM
SOLB- T Flowers/J Okwara



We could easily draft J Cox and be set at LB for a 4-3 or 3-4… our DL not has penetrators, run stuffers and size to run a 3-4 or 4-3.

So the odd man our could be Flowers… the same guy who makes 23M in 2022 but has a 12M dead cap hit!!!


J Cox
T Wallace
J Johnson
Amon- Ra
C Rumph
R Weaver
D Moses
M Carter
C Sterns
M Stevenson
T Terry
Cam Mcgrone
S Fehoko

There are plenty of guys to fill in at LB, S and WR

Also guys like Tre Boston, M Hooker, G Tate, and Dede Westrbrook could all still be cheap adds, and that is before the expected waive of cuts coming

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Agree with everything. Nice post.
You HAVE TO be able to force the QB to make mistakes. And it all starts with pressure from the middle and allowing your ends/rushers to make the play.

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Arghh… that LB core though…

I want someone that gets Jahlani Tavai off the field. That’s a need.


We gonna suck next year. The good news is Holmes is good at finding talent mid to late so it will be interesting today. Watch the lions for fun and see the development and watch stafford kill it with the Rams…

And great post @Lyonfan1

These are two dudes I really respect in the draft analysis game. More people than this are gaga over this haul.


I don’t disagree.

We can’t say “it’s a rebuild, we will win 4-5 games at most next year… then say I hate our lbs and wrs wtf?

Maybe they love perriman and T Will (one of the) as a WR2, and believe Cephus could be a really good player?

With a record bad D, no golladay, etc

We were competent on offense with Jones, Ammendola and Cephus.

Maybe the FO wants to see Goff with modest weapons. Swift and Hovk should leap forward.

Golden rate and Amon Ra and its “ok”

I think they address needs in the second phase of FA once comp pick stuff is over. Several one and two year deals.

They’ll draft long term options, regardless of need, as they’ve shown.

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Cox in the 4th today would wrap it up imo…but he must like to punch kittens and blow up orphanages the way he’s fallen, so I dont expect them to snag him if he’s there. I look forward to watching Tavai contribute to our 5 wins or less this season with his fire hydrant type LB play this upcoming season…2022 draft should be a windfall for this team at LB/S postition simply due to our current shitastic LB core ironcially…I see the plan.

If the DTs can drastically increase the pressure on opposing QBs, then it directly addresses the team’s biggest issue.

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