Zero sacks in the last 77 pass attempts

Personal protection: In the last two games, quarterback Jared Goff has dropped back to pass 77 times. The offensive line has not given up a single sack. The comfort zone for quarterbacks is in the Detroit Lions pocket. – Mike O’Hara


Goff has shown some good pocket awareness. He’s stepped up to avoid sacks. He’s thrown the ball away to avoid sacks. He’s at the top of his game right now.


Not taking sacks, and not turning the ball over…Recipe to be win a lot of games!


We all knew this OL was going to be good. Really feels like Goff and the Oline are on the same page.



Not-making-big-mistakes is THE key to winning. Lions one a turnover-free roll and Jared has done well all year avoiding sacks (and now he’s getting good protection). If they can ALSO avoid penalties they will be tough to beat.


We need to take a qb with the rams pick.

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MCDC: If you turn the ball over you can’t play for me! Not a direct quote maybe. But since he said something to that effect, Goff had been on point! He called Jared out. Jared has responded!


This offense line really respects and fights for Jared. Our season turned around on a late hit on Goff against the Bears, 4 of the 5 lineman were right there to protect their leader.

Yesterday watch the celebration in the locker room when DC mentioms Goff …Decker , Sewell and Jackson were right there and started slapping and pulling on him in a fun way. These guys love them some Jared


Now if the Lions could figure out a way to eliminate fictitious holding calls that stall drives…. we’ll be cooking with gas!!!


The refs have actually been pretty kind to us the past several weeks, it was shocking!

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Until yesterday that was!


Jared has also gone a long time without an INT. Don’t recall the specifics but I’m sure someone has them handy!

Pretty impressive for all the injuries we have had upfront.

Really the only time Goff has been bad is when entire WR crew was hurt and he had nobody to throw too!

0 sacks but 14 phantom holding penalties.

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It isn’t just the int’s, or the sacks, it’s also the fumbles. Learn to fight another day.

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