Ziggy Ansah unlikely to play in Sea opener

A story Lions fans are all too familiar with:

Not surprising guy just cant stay healthy too bad he had a hell of a start to his career just cant stay on the field.

No shock to this one. Loved the healthy Ziggy, problem is we only saw that a couple years then he turned 40

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Big surprise, huh?!?


I was so happy we traded him for this exact reason.! hard to stay healthy when your 50

I don’t think we traded him.

He left as a free agent but either way it’s just good he is gone. Hoping he would play week to week became very exhausting.

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you are right my apologies!

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Wow. Didn’t need Nostradamus to figure that would happen…

Well, when you don’t start playing football organizationally until your mid-30’s, you body is bound to not take it well.

No apologies needed. Everyone misspeaks from time to time. I do it all the time, no worries.

Yeah, he’s probably the oldest player in the NFL. He makes Brady look like a child!

8 games this year, max.

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Have to admit though part of me was expecting him to play damn near all season and have 15 sacks that’s just the Lions luck.

Hooked on phonics…
Great name!

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Thank you!!!

The most important ability is availability and he doesn’t have it.

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Hard to believe a player of his caliber is still playing at age 60.