Zonovon "BAM" Knight

What do you guys think of this RB? I like him, seems to have good vision and is a load to bring down. He is also dangerous as a KR.

Also heard he has a shaved head…J/K, I have no idea but he looks solid

Zonovan Knight NC State RB Career Highlights || Bam Knight - YouTube

SF should pair him up with Lance. Go after the D&D fan base.

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I think the Lions should look at drafting a KR/PR to challenge Raymond. That is if they bring him back.

joking aside… he looks like a Shanahan RB.

Also… I couldn’t watch that video without noticing this big OT that kept making good blocks… and looking quite agile as he ran to the 2nd level and beyond. Looks like a possible #1 OA there…

I think Pierre Strong would be a great match for Shanahan’s scheme.

Hopefully Jax thinks that too

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