0-3 in preseason again?

Do Lions fans need a win? Does the team need a win? I mean, we start the season 0-0 either way, and we all know that 4-0 didn’t have any carryover effect in 2008.

I think a dumb thing like a preseason win would benefit the team emotionally and suppress the Same Ol’ Lions narrative for the moment. I know we are anti-fragile, but I don’t want to test it so early…

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What I think you need is your boys to avoid the “bug”

They somehow achieve this and you just may be cashing in on a few of your wagers

0-3 in pre season is more than possible. Our back up QBs aren’ t good enough for other backups. But that means nothing until Goff isn’t down.

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the preseason record doesn’t matter. I want to see the starters look like they are prepared and I want to see the backups playing well


I think it matters.

Especially for a team trying to change the culture of losing.

What’s most important is to come out injury free. What’s second most important is to get your starters and roster bubble guys some much needed reps.

But I think a team that has quality depth is hard to beat in a preseason game. I think a team where there’s plenty of competition to earn a spot is a hard team to beat in the preseason.

I do expect us to stay very bland on both offense and defense since the Lions are supposedly taking a more aggressive approach on both. I do not expect to see us being very aggressive in preseason.

But I do expect us to win at least one game and be competitive in all 3 games.

I want to see those depth guys competing for playing time and roster spots. If that’s happening you should win at least one.


Record is meaningless to me but injuries aren’t.

Just get outta the preseason healthy!!!


I think this is where I draw the line as well. How certain groups play is more important than winning and losing. I get that 4-0 didn’t matter to how we played during the regular season but Patricia’s and Mooch’s teams looking lost and unprepared were a red flag that carried over to the real games.


No the wins don’t matter and the coaches will get that point across…

Ravens have the record now for 21 straight preseason wins…. But how many time did that help get them a SB?

No injuries and if we can get a win, that’s extra bonus points imho

2008 Lions 4-0 in preseason, 0-16 regular season (goodbye Millen and Marinelli)

2017 Browns 4-0 in preseason, 0-16 regular season

I think the first quarter where the starters match up with the Falcons starters is more important. Just win that.

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My DNA is wired to win.
I want to win every snap, every practice and every game including pre-season! It’s one of the reasons I can sit around all day and watch MCDC talks, the guy is made to fire me up!
When the 1st team is playing, I want to see our O-Line win, I want to see our QB win, I want to see our WR/RB’s win. Same on defense.
The score in practice games will not matter to me, if my eyes tell me we are winning in coverage, winning on the lines and winning on routes, I will be looking forward to a decent season. I am also somewhat of a realist, My hopes are a 9-8 record and a shot a WC for the youngest team in the NFL!

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Obviously 0-3 ultimately means nothing
I honestly don’t care what their preseason record looks like
I care that we start the year injury free
I care that the coaches achieved whatever objectives they wanted to achieve in these preseason matches
Beyond that, a couple wins is strictly for the fans and the hype machine

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I think if the staff were honest, they’d say they’d like to win one of them. But not at the cost of coming out healthy. That’s the most important thing. Live reps against someone else is the second biggest thing to them.

Winning would be nice, but it’s down the list. Guys doing their jobs. Seeing and recognizing what’s happening, all the other things you normally hear. The basics are important to this staff as it lays the foundation.

Seeing guys improve game to game will be high on their list. Especially things covered and corrected from the prior week.


Last season you saw a team losing the first quarter starters vs starters with an unprepared offense and a defense blowing plays. By the 2nd half the lions depth players were gaining ground only to come up short.

That’s pretty accurate to how the season went for the first half.

I’d like to see the first string winning their battles and depth players starting to show up like Rodriguez and benson.

I have a feeling the lions first string will look way more prepared this year… they may pull out to early leads and final score doesn’t matter too much


The only thing that matters is that the young guys play well.

In 08, the Lions went 4-0 in the preseason. 0-16 in the regular season.
I can’t see that happening again, but, I suspect Campbell has bigger things on his mind.
Maybe he’ll use preseason to serve notice? I doubt it, though. It’s training camp, and I’m sure he’s going to use it to train the team for the regular season, come what may.
Preseason game outcomes mean nothing. Player preparation and evaluation are their only purpose.

Winning matters.

Winning preseason games isn’t the most important thing, but they matter too. Generally, when your team is winning individual matchups and winning quarters your team also wins games. To say that the outcome doesn’t matter implies that those other things also don’t matter.

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Wear it proudly!!!


You are cheering for the wrong franchise my friend!!

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Yee of little faith :innocent:

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This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and Dan Campbell…

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