0-3 With this fox crew calling the game

Please Fox no more lol

All 3 loses this season at the hands of Greg Olson

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funnily enough, that is the stat

0-3 with Greg olsen commentating us this season

yeah thats a curse lol

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The bummer is I like that team lol. But it is what it is. No Greg for the home playoff game, please.

Greg Olsen and Waxxing Gibbous damn it

Do we have either of these things remaining on our schedule?

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I’m assuming Greg will be working the playoffs. Gotta hope it’s not one of the Lions’ games. Or God forbid their first playoff game.

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Wouldn’t mind seeing the packers again round 1 at our place

I wouldn’t hate. I just don’t think the Seahawks will be as low as the #7 seed so I’m happy about that one if we end up at #2 haha

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I am going to go thru sniper training. I don’t know what a Gibbous is, but if I see someone waxxing one I will do what I have to do for the team.

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Well they’ve played on Thanksgiving for a really long time and there have only been 13 of them (0-13 now). So I’d say you have a solid 5-6 years to hone your skills.

Although please remember that if you take the moon out, we might have a lot more to worry about than who the Lions play on Thanksgiving.


We had Greg Olsen left on our schedule

■■■■ Greg Olsen what’s this guys problem

Greg Olsen will be sporting a full combover in two years

Just so everyone is aware, this is likely Olson’s last game with Fox’s A team. He’s out, and Brady is in.

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Good riddance!

(actually, he does a pretty good job except for the exuberance toward the niners and, worst of all, the bad ju-ju he brings Detroit)

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