1-0-1... what to call it?!

Is it

A winning streak?
A non-losing streak?

I just had too!!

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I call it a better start than 0-2, which is what some people thought. And better than 1-1, which is what I thought. Look at the next 4 games: @Philly, KC, @GB, and Minn. Can they go 2-2 during that stretch? They could, but not if they don’t play better football. 3-2-1 after that stretch wouldn’t be bad at all, particularly if the 2 wins come against GB and Minn. And if they could steal one of the 1st two they’d be 4-1-1, and I’d probably shit myself.

I had them at 2-3 then going in a roll and finishing 11-5. 2-2-1 would be slightly better and I too will need new underwear if we start 3-1-1.
I still need to see more clean play and execution before i’m getting back to that hopeful predictions. Right now i’m just glad we won but not confidently excited

call it a better result than some imagined and a blessing right now. More damn heavy lifting to do from now on.

Appreciate everyone calling it as they see it!

But what type of streak is it?

I call it an unbeaten streak


I call it a good, not great, start to the season. They’ve shown typical inconsistent September football.

The good news is no serious injuries.

call it what you want there are only 5 NFC teams with a better record. I call this a good start to the season. A lot of people had us going 0-2

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I ask, how many teams are unbeaten? :crazy_face:

There we go baby!!

I call it 1/2 game from making it or not. Oh, the drama…

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Its an “as luck would have it streak”. We could very easily be 0-2. We could equally easily be 2-0. I’ll take 1-0-1, and just want to avoid 1-2-1. We could have used the Eagles to win last night, now they are mad and won’t be complacent.

1-0-1… what to call it?!

Undefeated :wink:

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Is it a streak? 1 win and 1 tie.

I look at Philly as a game the Lions should win. KC will be difficult and the biggest reason is that the coaches need to let Stafford match Mahomes and win a high scoring shootout. Will they allow Stafford to go all out before they get down 2 or 3 scores or will Patricia want to show his defense can play them tough until it is too late?

GB is overrated but it is a division game and will be tough to get calls in Lambeau. Minny is a solid team, but they also have weaknesses.

It is a tough stretch and I agree that 2-2 would be solid and any better would be a great sign. I will be in Detroit for hopefully a 2-0-1 Lions Team against a 3-0 KC team. Winning that game could really propel the Lions to a special season.

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We’re 1/2 a game ahead of where I thought we’d be.
I call it a positive.